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Metal angle iron from Buy Metal Online delivers the strength and flexibility you need for any purpose.

Metal angle iron isn’t usually iron at all, although it can be. It is typically mild steel,, aluminium and brass. Some metals can have a range of finishes too, from bright to black and colours in-between.

As a metal manufacturer, Buy Metal Online can create your angle iron from any material and any dimension (within reason). We are experts in bulk and custom orders, just contact one of the team for a bespoke quotation.

Typical applications for metal angle iron include fabrication, construction, furniture manufacture, framing, shelving, brackets, racking, boatbuilding and a wide range of engineering uses.

Most metals can be cut, drilled, welded and machined, providing a very versatile material with high strength.

The strength of the material and the shape lends itself well to a huge variety of purposes, which is why it’s so popular.

As we manufacture angle iron ourselves, we provide a huge selection of lengths, tube sizes and dimensions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in stock, contact one of our team and we’ll make it for you.

Buy metal angle iron from our online store or contact a member of the team if you need a custom quote.