Bespoke aged metals

Have you ever wondered what that green stuff is that appears on the surface of aged copper coins? The answer is a patina, a protective crust that develops on certain metals when they oxidise after long periods of contact with air and moisture. Also known as tarnish, these unique patterns and colours also affect other old metals, such as aged brass and bronze. Patina can develop on all kinds of metal objects, from door knockers and letterboxes to water pipes and sculptures. It’s a problem for coin collectors and those seeking a polished finish, but for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful surface designs, patina is a positive.

Increasingly, interior designers are looking towards industrial furnishings and fittings when renovating spaces. We’re based in the northeast of England, and have always loved the wind and rain-whipped bridges, ships and docks of our region. Sheet metal has been widely accepted as a great choice for interiors for a long time, thanks to its flexibility and durability, but working with it no longer means sticking to smooth, sleek finishes. More and more people are demanding metal that looks weathered, aged, and that carries the patina of time. Whether in bars or restaurants, bathrooms or kitchens, the stunning effect of aged copper and brass is in high demand. Offering a unique, textured aesthetic with bright, aquamarine hues, these vintage-look metals can transform rooms and make gorgeous talking points.

Image by Jimmy Ofsia
Image by Majid-Gheidarlou
Image by Nate Bell

All that ageing might look good, but most people don’t have time to sit around waiting years for sheet metal to change before they install it. That’s why our sister company Halman Thompson decided to speed up time. Knowing that our customers were looking for aged brass and aged copper with an authentic patina, they set to work on fast-forwarding the process with our team of metal experts. We experimented with different finishes, including hammering and brushing, and carefully oxidised our sheet copper and sheet brass to perfect the authentic look.

As well as the greenish hues of verdigris on copper, Halman Thompson can produce a deep, golden, antique look on brass. After achieving just the finish you’re looking for, they lacquer the pieces to give an even longer-lasting finish that works wonderfully with surrounding lighting.

We’re proud to be able to produce metal that’s brand new but also beautifully old. In the images below, you’ll see just some of the types of patinas that we have in mind. For a while now, one of our most popular products has been Corten steel sheet, which develops a natural rust-coloured crust over time. Now, we’re thrilled to be able to offer more metals that look better with age through Halman Thompson. Each sheet of aged metal is bespoke and made in our Northumberland workshop, after consultation with you.

Image by Gordon Williams
Image by Gavin Allanwood
Image by Daniel Von Appen

Our customers have used their aged metal sheets to create stunning splash-backs, bar-tops, staircases, wall panels and more. What will you make with your aged metal? Whatever you choose to do with this unique material is up to you, but one thing’s for sure: when it comes to metal, ageing doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

For a quote on your aged metal, visit Halman Thompson.

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Image by Daniel Von Appen
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