Best Metal DIY projects for Christmas

The countdown to Christmas can be made even more exciting with some festive crafting. Adding a magical, joyful touch to your home has never been easier – the Internet is full of inspiration and ideas. Just for you, we’ve chosen the best DIY metal Christmas decorations for you to try creating or simply purchasing. Upcycled gears, cosy copper ornaments, scrap metal Christmas trees or large welded installations – no matter what your skills are or how crafty you feel, you can find a project that is just right for your home.

Mini Christmas trees made with copper or steel wire

Simply wrap steel or copper wire around foam or paper cone. Copper is a warm, whimsical metal, which goes beautifully with more traditional Christmas ornaments. Steel wire, on the other hand, will look beautiful in a snowy-white, colder setting.

Scrap Metal Snowman

It is likely that you already have the materials needed for this snowman right in your garage! Simply weld scrap metal or old metal rims and gears to create this merry snowman. Kids will love it! However, don’t forget to secure the base of this project.

Copper Pipe Reinders

Solder or stick together metal pipes to create a fun wall décor. See the full tutorial here.

Welded Nails Star

Don’t get rid of your old, long nails – welded together; they can be reborn as a beautiful star decoration. You can also buy ready one on Etsy.

Hex Nuts Ornaments

It is so easy to convert hex nuts into industrial ornaments! You simply stick them together with all-purpose glue. Children will love crafting with this simple material.

See tutorial here.

Welded Winter Trees

If you have time and already have some skill or experience, you can think about larger projects – like these stunning Christmas trees. They are a beautiful outdoor decoration – not just for Christmas either.

Copper Pipe Christmas Trees

These copper pipe trees can fill in for actual trees or – in their smaller form – be a quirky but modern Christmas décor.

See full tutorial here.

You can also buy a ready-made one on Etsy.

Sheet Metal Dove or Robin

Thin sheets of metals such as aluminium, brass or copper, can be cut without any special equipment. You can also easily fold them and stamp them using nails and a hammer. Why not try out this tutorial? Instead of a copper dove, you can use the same method to create metal stars, cute robins, angels or any other festive shapes.

Metal Wreath

Give your door a modern touch by creating one of these sensational metal wreaths. You can stick small pieces of scrap sheet metal together or repurpose old wire. If you’re feeling craftier, you can cut out shapes such as leaves or stars from thin pieces of sheet metal. See the tutorial for leaf wreaths here.

Wire Ornaments

Steel or copper wires are so easy to form – you can create detailed ornaments, simple stars or holiday jewellery. See examples below.

You can also buy ready-made ones on Etsy.

Want even more ideas? Follow our Metal Christmas Pinterest board.

Have you tried any of these projects or made your own unique metal decorations? Remember to share them with us to take part in our Christmas #madewithmetal competition to win £100 Amazon vouchers. Send us your project by e-mail or DM, and we will choose the best metal Christmas craft on 14th of December. Full T&C here.

And, if you don’t feel so crafty, you can simply order our beautifully rustic corten Christmas trees. Made by Yorkshire sculptor Eddie Roberts, these are the perfect, modern outdoor decoration or can even be a stunning indoor decoration. How about going bold and replacing the traditional tree with this original art?