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What is Zintec?

Zintec is the brand name for a type of mild steel that has been coated in a thin layer of zinc by electrolysis. You may be more familiar with another type of steel that comes coated in zinc: galvanised steel, but there are key differences between the two metals. What is the difference between galvan...
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15 Incredible Sculptures Made From Metal

Here we have a collection of the coolest metal sculptures that we have been able to find around the internet including sculptures of characters from movies, sculptures of animals and sculptures of other random things. We have wherever possible provided information about the artists who made them and...
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Remarkable Statues of Incredible Women

Think of the statues and memorials in your town. How many of them honour or depict women? Throughout the world, there are fewer sculptures celebrating women (unless you count royalty and naked ladies) than men. Isn’t it time women were immortalised and recognised more? It’s an issue that...
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