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What is Zintec?

Zintec is the brand name for a type of mild steel that has been coated in a thin layer of zinc by electrolysis. You may be more familiar with another type of steel that comes coated in zinc: galvanised steel, but there are key differences between the two metals. What is the difference between galvan...
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What is Sheet Metal Gauge?

Gauge, often abbreviated to SWG, is a unit of measurement used industry-wide to measure the thickness of sheet metal. Unlike most units of measurement, with SWG, the higher the number, the greater the thickness of the material. For example, in the case of galvanised steel sheet, 5 SWG is 5mm thick, ...
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galvanised plant pot with the text "Flowers & Garden" on the front

What is Galvanised Steel?

Galvanised steel is one of the most widely-used metals in the world. Chances are you come across this metal almost every day, both inside and out. But what is the difference between galvanised steel and regular steel? And how can you tell? Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash What Does Galvanised St...
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