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Corten planters from our range offer a great choice for bringing either a contemporary edge or rustic charm to your garden, balcony or patio.

The metallic tones of this metal, once rusted, contrast beautifully with the lush greens and colourful petals of garden plants. So, if you want to showcase certain plants or create a feature area in the garden, metal garden planters can set the stage for you. Available as round and circular planters, troughs, square planters, and vegetable beds in all sizes from small to extra large.

Buy Metal Online are a UK company based and experts in everything Corten steel.

Our Corten Range

What’s more, looking good and making a real feature of your plants aren’t the only benefits of choosing Corten planters. They’re also:

  • Extremely sturdy.
  • Weather-resistant, even against decades of outdoor exposure.
  • An eye-catching way to mark out different zones in the garden.
  • Useful for produce growing – large trough planters and cube planters are beautiful alternatives to wooden raised beds. What’s more, they won’t rot over time like wooden beds can.

Metal planters also offer a stunningly different type of aesthetic to your garden:

  • Corten products have an ageing process all of their own. Over time, and as a result of being outdoors, corten steel forms a protective layer of ‘rust’ which enhances the appearance of each planter to create a unique look for your outside space.

At Buy Metal Online we offer a wide range of metal planters. Shape is no problem for achieving whatever design you want from your outdoor space:

  • Create strong lines and purposeful corners, for example with a metal trough or rectangular planter.
  • Create a softer, meandering aesthetic, for instance with round plant pot styles or cylinder planters

Size is also not an issue. We can supply anything from small to large metal planters, including hard-to-find items such as large square planters.

But if you can’t see what you need? That’s no problem – we can source it through our large network of suppliers. Just contact our friendly sales team on – we’ll be happy to help.