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Metal Garden Edging - Corten & Galvanised

Galvanised steel and Corten metal lawn edging for your garden. A full range of sizes available. Get 10% off all £100+ orders.

Steel Lawn Edging Strips

Update and divide your garden instantly with our durable metal lawn edging. Available in a grey, galvanised steel finish or the sought after, rust-coloured Corten, it’s as stylish as it is practical.

Use your metal lawn edging to:

  • Section off growing areas, to keep them separate from each other.
  • Retain and train low-height hedging and shrubbery.
  • Create raised beds for herbs, vegetables, soft fruits and flowers.
  • Keep pathways permanently edged to improve the look of driveways, pathways and borders, whilst significantly reducing border maintenance.
  • Keep pets and pests off prized areas of your garden.
  • Mark a defined border around a specific plot, in a beautiful and lasting way. The rich colours of Corten steel edging are particularly suited for edging a memory garden or sensory garden area.

Why buy from Buy Metal Online?

Customer reviews

Metal garden edging is loved by landscapers because it’s endlessly flexible for garden design and doesn’t limit you to straight edges and right-angles like other materials. You can use metal edging to create curves, adding a natural, meandering look to pathways.

At Buy Metal Online, we offer an extensive range of designs, lengths, sizes and metal types to choose from, including fully galvanised lawn edging and corten steel edging.

Our edging range

  • Corten steel edging is also extremely robust and additionally offers a rusted, rustic look which adds beauty to any garden whatever the season.
  • Galvanised steel edging is highly durable and able to withstand the rough treatment of all weathers, whilst still looking stylish.
  • Shark Corten edging, swift installation for our popular Corten steel edging.
  • Shark galvanised edging, our ultra-durable galvanised edging with pre-cut spikes for simple installation.

You’ll also find we’re one of the few metal edging suppliers to offer a height range which includes 290mm:

  • 100mm– ideal for edging beds or for borders to lawns and driveways which require just a short visible edge.
  • 150mm– this is a popular choice for creating higher border edges for paths and driveways. It’s also ideal as a retaining border for low-level beds.
  • 290mm– this height is popular for creating raised beds and in hard landscaping projects such as tiered levels, beds and borders with greater retaining height. This taller edging in corten steel is also ideal for adding feature edges with a more sculpted aesthetic, especially when used to complement and define the areas around other Corten garden products.

We also sell the Corten edging pegs you need for safe and sturdy installation of Corten steel edging strips.

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