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Metal Garden Edging - Steel Garden Borders

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your garden with our wide selection of galvanised steel edging, weathering steel (Corten) edging, and our patented metal Shark edging. These durable and long-lasting metal garden borders are available in a variety of lengths and heights, including up to 290mm, to suit any size space. 

Whether you’re creating a crisp border around a flower bed or defining a path through your lawn, our versatile steel edging offers a classic, clean look that enhances any outdoor area.

Choose Buy Metal Online for your metal lawn edging for quality products that are not only durable and simple to install but also easy to maintain. Select from different metal types to perfectly match your garden aesthetic and needs. With our flexible metal lawn edging, you can effortlessly achieve a sophisticated and polished look – even on sloped ground.

If you’re looking for the easiest installation without the need for pegs, check out our interlocking range, available in Corten and galvanised steel. For a more striking border, why not install Corten steel edging for that distinctive coppery hue? 

Don’t forget to grab your fittings and fixings too! We have a range of Corten fold-over pegs, edging pegs, and edging corners as well as Galvanised steel edging pegs and corners.

How to use flexible metal lawn edging

Instantly update your garden with our durable metal lawn border edging. Available in a grey, galvanised steel finish or the sought-after rust-coloured Corten, it’s as stylish as it is practical.

Steel lawn edging strips provide clean lines and neat edges, making them a great alternative to heavy, bulky sleepers, plastic edging, and log rolls. The hard-wearing and durable nature of our metal lawn edging makes it suitable for all sorts of uses, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

Use your metal lawn edging to:

– Section off growing areas to keep them separate from each other.

– Retain and train low-height hedging and shrubbery.

– Create raised beds for herbs, vegetables, soft fruits and flowers.

– Keep pathways permanently edged to improve the look of driveways, pathways and borders, whilst significantly reducing border maintenance.

– Keep pets and pests off prized areas of your garden.

– Mark a defined border around a specific plot in a beautiful and lasting way. The rich colours of Corten steel edging are particularly suited for edging a memory garden or sensory garden area.

Metal lawn edging strips are loved by landscapers because they’re endlessly flexible for garden design and don’t limit you to straight edges and right angles like other materials. You can even use metal edging to create curves, adding a natural, meandering look to pathways.

Our garden lawn edging metal range

At Buy Metal Online, we offer an extensive range of designs, lengths, sizes and metal types to choose from. Our products include fully galvanised lawn edging and corten steel edging, with thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm and heights from 100mm to 290mm. We are proud to be one of the few suppliers to offer metal lawn edging in heights up to 290mm, providing more options for your landscaping needs.

We also sell the Corten edging pegs and fold-over pegs you need for safe and sturdy installation of Corten steel edging strips, or galvanised edging pegs to match our galvanised steel range. Need a 90-degree bend to create a continuous straight line for your metal lawn edging? Take a look at our Corten and galvanised edging corners. 

Corten steel edging

Corten steel edging is extremely robust and offers a rusted, rustic look after weathering, which adds beauty to any garden whatever the season. The natural oxidisation process which occurs over time creates a protective layer that shields the core from corrosion, making it weatherproof and durable. You can expect the striking burnt orange colouration to appear once the Corten steel lawn edging has been outside for a few months. Why not pair with Corten steel edging corners, or secure in place with our Corten pegs or fold-over pegs?

Galvanised steel edging

Galvanised steel edging is highly durable and can withstand all weather conditions while maintaining a stylish appearance. This silver-grey metal look is perfect for any garden or landscaping design. Why not pair with our galvanised steel pegs and corners?

Shark metal lawn edging

Our patented shark edging features pre-cut spikes with a unique sharktooth design for quick and easy installation. They’re quick and easy to insert into the ground–you won’t find this design anywhere else!

Available in our popular Shark Corten Edging and ultra-durable Shark Galvanised Edging.

Interlocking metal lawn edging

We took our best-selling Shark edging and made them even easier to install! These interlocking metal lawn edging strips let you link the pieces together without the need for any tools. Simply slot the pieces together and insert them into the ground.. That’s it!

Choose between our Interlocking Shark Corten Edging and Interlocking Shark Galvanised Steel Edging

Steel lawn edging sizes

We offer a variety of sizes to suit different landscaping projects… You’ll also find we’re one of the few metal edging suppliers to offer a height range which includes 290mm:

100mm: Ideal for edging beds or for borders to lawns and driveways that require just a short visible edge.

150mm: A popular choice for creating higher border edges for paths and driveways. It’s also ideal as a retaining border for low-level beds.

290mm: This height is popular for creating raised beds and in hard landscaping projects such as tiered levels, beds and borders with greater retaining height. This taller edging in Corten steel is perfect for adding feature edges with a more sculpted aesthetic, especially when used to complement and define the areas around other Corten garden products.

Both our Corten and galvanised steel options are strong, hard-wearing, weather-resistant and rust-proof.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, let us cut your edging to size or source it through our large network of suppliers. Just contact Becca, Georgina, Brooke or Sara at and we’ll be happy to help!

How to install metal lawn edging

Installing metal lawn edging from Buy Metal Online is a quick and easy process that can be completed within minutes. Follow these simple steps to achieve a clean and professional finish outdoors:

Installing metal edging with pegs

1. Prepare the area: Clear the installation area of any debris, grass, or roots to ensure a smooth surface.

2. Mark the edging line: Use a garden hose or string to outline where you want the edging to be placed.

3. Dig a trench: Dig a narrow trench along the marked line, ensuring it is deep enough to accommodate the edging.

4. Place the edging: Position the metal edging into the trench, making sure it stands upright and follows the desired curve or straight line.

5. Secure with pegs: There are a few ways to secure your metal lawn edging using our Corten steel pegs, galvanised steel pegs, or handy fold-over pegs

Welding: Weld pegs to the back of the steel strips to secure the edging in place.

Bolting: Drill holes and use plates that sit below the finished surface level for a secure fit.

Fold-over pegs: Use our Corten fold-over pegs to hold edging strips in place or join two strips together without the need for welding or bolting. Simply slot the peg onto your edging strip and fix it into the ground.

6. Backfill the trench: Fill the trench with soil, pressing it firmly against the edging to secure it in place.

We also sell edging corners in Corten steel and galvanised steel for a seamless finish. All you need to do to attach the 90-degree corners is weld them onto your edging strips, or bolt them together.

Installing Shark metal edging with pre-cut spikes

1. Prepare the area: Clear the installation area of any debris, grass, or roots to ensure a smooth surface.

2. Mark the edging line: Use a garden hose or string to outline where you want the edging to be placed.

3. Position the edging: Place the Shark metal edging along the marked line, ensuring it follows the desired curve or straight line.

4. Secure the spikes: Firmly press the pre-cut spikes into the ground. The sharp sharktooth design sinks into the ground with ease, and you won’t need to weld pegs to the steel strips either!

5. Adjust as needed: Ensure the edging is level and aligned correctly. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the look you want.

6. Finish the installation: Press down the soil around the base of the edging to secure it in place.

Corten steel ageing process

Corten steel, commonly known as weathered steel, is made from high-quality steel combined with a special alloy that promotes the formation of a protective rust layer. This rust does not damage the steel but instead shields it from environmental factors, ensuring long-term durability.

The name “Corten” derives from its two key properties: corrosion resistance (‘cor’) and tensile strength (‘ten’). These inherent qualities make Corten steel an excellent choice for outdoor applications, including lawn edging.

When first exposed to the elements, Corten steel undergoes an ageing process that transforms its surface. It takes about a year for the steel to fully develop its distinctive rust-coloured patina.

During the initial months of exposure, Corten steel will produce runoff, which can cause staining. It is advisable to consider the placement of Corten steel edging to avoid runoff affecting surrounding areas. After a few months, the runoff should stop, leaving you with a striking, rust-coloured border that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden or outdoor space.

The weathered look of Corten steel lawn edging not only adds a touch of rustic charm but also ensures the material remains protected and durable for years to come.

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Metal lawn edging FAQs

Can metal lawn edging be used on sloped ground?

Yes, metal lawn edging can be bent or shaped to follow the contour of sloped ground, but it may require a little more effort to install securely.

What are the benefits of using steel lawn edging?

Metal lawn edging is durable, long-lasting, provides a clean and modern look, and is effective at keeping grass and other plants from encroaching into designated areas. It can be used to create raised beds for flowers or vegetables and is a great way to protect plants from common garden pests like mice or hedgehogs. You can also use metal edging for landscaping purposes to help define borders along pathways, driveways, and more.

Steel edging offers a strong, durable, and eco-friendly alternative to other types of materials such as plastic edging, log rolls and heavy sleepers which degrade over time.

How long does metal lawn edging last?

Depending on the type of metal and environmental conditions, metal lawn edging can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years or more. It’s a great long-term investment that will last for decades.

Will metal lawn edging rust?

Aluminium is another popular choice for garden edging, but it can be flimsy and corrodes easily. Steel edging can rust over time if it’s not coated or galvanised, but our Corten and galvanised steel edging are weatherproof and rust-proof, and offer a stronger and far more durable alternative to aluminium or plastic edging! 

How do I maintain metal lawn edging?

Maintenance is minimal since our steel garden edging is completely weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about rusting! Periodically check for loose sections and remove any build-up of soil or debris.

Does your metal lawn edging come in different sizes and colours?

At Buy Metal Online, our metal lawn edging comes in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all kinds of spaces. Made from quality steel material, our metal edging is also available in interlocking designs with pre-cut spikes for easy installation. Our Corten steel edging produces a striking orange colour to make a statement outside, while our silver-coloured galvanised metal edging can also be painted with suitable outdoor paint to match your garden’s aesthetics.

How much does metal lawn edging cost?

Costs vary depending on the type of metal material, thickness, height, length, and finish.