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Fibreglass Planters

Fibreglass planters are exceptionally popular in gardens across the country thanks to their light weight, weather resistance and great looks.

Buy Metal Online stocks a wide range of fibreglass planters in a selection of shapes, sizes and colours. Each is ideal for all types of gardens, at home, work or in a commercial space.

Common uses of fibreglass planters

You’ll often see fibreglass planters in homes breaking up large spaces, adding character to patios or parking spaces, bordering doorways or acting as focal points.

You will also see fibreglass planters in pubs, cafes, bistros, restaurants, hotels and other places that want to have plants contained within an attractive, low maintenance planter.

Fibreglass is used across industry in everything from boats to car bodies. It’s a light but strong material capable of handling weight and is resistant to the elements.

How fibreglass planters are made

Fibreglass is made from thin strands of glass and resin. Glass is melted and passed through super-thin tubes to make thin strands.

Once set, these strands become flexible and provide elasticity. That’s why fibreglass insulation is so soft.

For planters, that glass fibre is mixed with resin and formed into sheets. Those sheets are then moulded into the desired planter shape and size and are allowed to set.

Once set, the fibreglass becomes very strong, providing the ideal material for a planter.

The fibreglass planter is then finished in the desired colour before being protected with a tough lacquer or not, depending on the desired look.

Random facts about fibreglass

Fibreglass is actually a trademarked name owned by the Owens Corning Company in the US. Despite the trademark, fibreglass is so widely known that it is rarely enforced when used.

Fibreglass is also known as GFRP and GRP, Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic and Glass-Reinforced Plastic.

Benefits of fibreglass

Fibreglass has a number of benefits that make it an excellent material for planters.

It’s strong – Once set, fibreglass is very strong. It’s not as strong as steel but it is very resistant to damage and to wear.

It’s light – Despite its strength, fibreglass is popular because of its light weight. Glass fibres are exceptionally light and with only resin making up the rest, the overall product is very light indeed.

It’s weather-resistant – Fibreglass seals when it sets and doesn’t allow water or anything else to ingress. That makes it waterproof, stain resistant and won’t rust, allowing it to look good for longer.

It’s low maintenance – Unless significantly damaged, fibreglass is very low maintenance. Once formed into planters, the occasional inspection for cracks or damage is all it needs.

As you can see, fibreglass planters combine the strength the material is well known for along with some compelling benefits.

If you’re planning a garden makeover, fibreglass planters could be just what you need!

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