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Outdoor Log Burners and Fires

Enjoy your garden and outdoor space for longer in the summer and even in the winter, with our range of outdoor log burners and fires.

With eye-catching designs which turn the idea of a bog-standard fire pit on its head, our outdoor fire pit products add the combination of beautiful aesthetic, rustic ambiance and practical functionality to your garden.

All of our wood burner and log burner and fires designs provide a source of heat for creating a comfortable temperature to socialise outdoors, whilst some also offer the additional practical features of BBQ and pizza ovens as part of the design. It just depends on what you’re looking for:

  • Want to host a campfire with friends and family? Our steel garden and outdoor wood burner units include convenient wood storage so you can stay alongside your guests to enjoy the fun. Our fire pit bowl and fire table units take the fire to ground level just like a traditional campfire, but provide a large fire pit space with a sturdy frame for additional safety and aesthetics.
  • Hosting a BBQ? No food, no problem, just enjoy the look and warmth of a log burner. But when you want to start a cook-out? Attach a BBQ grill and many of our outside log burners instantly become a go-to BBQ.
  • Cooking fresh pizzas? Our steel garden fire units come with several design options, including oven space for cooking fresh pizzas.
  • Seasonal parties? There are many reasons to take a party outside after dark, including festivities such as Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and New Year’s celebrations. All of our garden log burner designs can help you to enjoy seasonal magic but stay warm and cosy outdoors – even in those colder months.

Many of our outside log burners are available in a choice of metal, so you’ll have the perfect option for your garden:

  • Untreated, weathered Corten Steel – adds a wonderfully warm and rustic feature to the garden even before the fire’s lit. Corten steel is highly durable and the unique way it weathers actually protects it and enhances its appearance over the years.

Can’t see what you need? That’s no problem – we can source it through our large network of suppliers. Just contact us on – we’ll be happy to help.