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Galvanised Garden Products

Galvanised garden products provide the architectural beauty only steel can deliver alongside the longevity of galvanised steel. It’s a powerful combination that works incredibly well in the garden!

Galvanised steel products from Buy Metal Online are made from the highest quality steel, galvanised to protect the material and deliver the weather resistance it is known for.

Cut, shaped and manufactured into some amazing garden products!

Common uses of galvanised steel products

Galvanised steel is used across industries as it’s a very strong and hard-wearing material. It can be shaped and welded like standard steel, which just adds to its appeal.

You’ll see galvanised garden products in pub beer gardens, car parks, restaurants with outdoor spaces, lobbies, offices, hotels and anywhere that wants a tough but attractive container for plants and flowers.

The ability for galvanised steel to shrug off the effects of the British weather and everyday use makes the material perfect for a multitude of uses.

Galvanised steel products are used in everything, from garden products to wind turbines, car chassis to aircraft components.

How galvanised steel is made

There are a number of galvanising methods including galvannealing, thermal diffusion galvanisation, electro-galvanisation.

The most popular is hot dip galvanising, which is the one used for our galvanised garden products.

Hot dipping is a very effective method that results in steel that’s completely protected by a thin layer of zinc. It is this zinc that provides the signature look and weather resistance.

The galvanisation process looks a little something like this:

  1. The steel is cut and formed into a sheet or required shape
  2. It is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any manufacturing solutions
  3. It is then pickled by dipping it into a bath of hot sulfuric acid
  4. It is then fluxed. Dipped into a bath of zinc-ammonium chloride
  5. The steel is then galvanised. Dipped into a bath of molten zinc
  6. The steel is then removed and allowed to air dry. This air drying process forms zinc oxide (ZnO) and zinc carbonate (ZnCO3).

The end result is a tight molecular bond between the zinc and the steel that provides complete protection.

Random facts about galvanised steel

Galvanised steel is named after the scientist who is credited with inventing it, Luigi Galvani.

Galvani was apparently a materials specialist and an expert in electrochemical processes, which is why he was able to devise this procedure.

Benefits of galvanised steel

There are many benefits to galvanised steel which is why it’s used everywhere, including in our galvanised steel garden products.

Those benefits include:

Low cost – Relatively speaking, galvanised steel is a low cost material. It is readily available and the galvanisation process means it is very low maintenance.

Resists rust and the elements – The zinc barrier in galvanised steel protects the material from everything. Weather, most chemicals, daily use and everything our environment can throw at it.

Long useful life – This protection means galvanised steel has a very long operating life, which is good news for everyone!

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