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Galvanised Garden Planters

Galvanised steel creates a timeless industrial look and are a popular product at Buy Metal Online. It’s a superb material for outdoor use as it can resist the elements and retain the clean, crisp look it’s so popular for.

Galvanised steel planters utilise the many qualities of the material to create a robust, weather-resistant container to plan anything you care to plant.

Available in three different sizes, galvanised steel planters are flexible, stable and can cope with individual plants or trees or act as a standalone raised bed.

Ideal for balconies, terraces, driveways and anywhere you care to use them.

Common uses

Galvanised steel planters are used architecturally in commercial spaces and at home within a garden. They can be used as area dividers such as dividing a terrace from garden or car park from entranceways. They can be used to welcome visitors either side of a door or as floor-based window boxes.

Galvanised steel planters also look great on balconies and paved areas to add a touch of green or natural textures next to a modern concrete or rendered wall.

Galvanised steel as a material is used everywhere, from buildings to car body panels, wall sheeting, home appliances, agricultural machinery to decorations.

How it’s made

Galvanised steel is made from standard sheet steel. The sheet is rolled through a bath of molten zinc which causes the two materials to react, along with oxygen to create zinc oxide.

Zinc oxide then reacts with carbon dioxide to create zinc carbonate, which is the dull, but rich finish galvanised steel is so well-known for.

Zinc carbonate is what protects the steel from the elements and allows it to survive any weather, anywhere without degradation, discolouration or looking its age.

For galvanised steel planters, the steel sheet is shaped into the desired size and welded into place.

Benefits of galvanised steel

Galvanised steel has a number of benefits that make it so popular. It’s resistant to rust, staining, discolouration, scratching, weather, moisture, impacts and long-term use.

It’s also versatile, tough, yet flexible and can be cut and shaped into all different shapes and sizes, including planters, while still remaining rigid and resistant.

Galvanised steel planters can have drainage holes to help plant growth and come with stable feet to help it remain in place and not be tipped over by impacts.

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