Galvanised Steel Interior Design Ideas – Magnetic Boards and More

With its excellent durability and resistance to rust, galvanised steel is one of the most popular sheet metals for use in the outdoors. That doesn’t mean it has to be used in the outdoors, though. Galvanised steel boasts a unique, matte grey finish that can be the perfect accompaniment to modern interiors. And the traditional bright, spangled version of the metal possesses a distinctive pattered finish that lends itself beautifully to the industrial aesthetic. Warm metals such as copper and brass are often used in interior design; galvanised steel makes a great alternative for those who prefer cooler, more silvery tones. Want to know more? Just scroll through these ideas to be inspired…


1. Shower Cladding

This tranquil bathroom is made all the more stylish thanks to its shower enclosure, clad in smooth galvanised steel. A refreshing change from tiles, the metal makes the ideal cladding for bathrooms. With a slate colour palette running through the rest of the room, the calm metallic aesthetic is softened by natural woods and a fluffy towel. A vintage, Belfast-style sink completes the reclaimed look.

2. Pigeon Hole Storage

Whether original and reclaimed or modern and newly created, there are plenty of galvanised steel storage solutions on the market today. This wall-mounted, pigeon-hole unit is perfect for holding useful items such as stationery and cosmetics. It would also make a great display case for trinkets, ornaments and small houseplants. Search auction sites for genuine antique versions, or buy brand new.

3. Farmhouse Chic

Many decor schemes that include galvanised steel take inspiration from farms and farmhouses. This clever, repurposed metal tub is a prime example. With the addition of a couple of rustic wooden shelves, it becomes a focal point on the wall and an attractive display point for objets d’art. We especially like the rich pattern on the back of this one; it shows off the texture of the hard-to-find bright spangled galvanised steel that we stock.

4. Dining Chairs

Galvanised steel dining chairs (and matching galvanised steel planters) give this dining room a neat, put-together look. Pale woods make the perfect accompaniment to the grey of the metal, and the dining table here stops the look from being too clinical. You could put cushions on the chairs to make them warmer and softer to sit on, but we’re big fans of the fluffy seat pads seen here.

5. Light Fittings

Who says chandeliers have to be chintzy and garish? Metal offers endless possibilities for minimalist, industrial-style light fittings. Take this beauty, which combines galvanised steel pipes with traditional mason jars. Functional and smart, it would become a talking point in any room. We think this one would look particularly good hung low above a metal-clad kitchen island.

6. Scaffold Shelving

Here’s another example of how to beautify something as simple and everyday as storage using metal. Forget flatpack bookcases and consider making furniture part of the design scheme in any room. This shelving unit combines ashy-coloured wood with reclaimed scaffolding poles made from galvanised steel. The result makes a statement that is cool and understated.

7. Hanging Planters

The trend for houseplants isn’t going anywhere! Whether you like your plants dripping from the ceiling or lined up along a windowsill, there are plenty of options for containers. Most planters tend to be made from ceramic or wicker, or warmer-toned metals such as brass. This bright, spangled galvanised steel hanging vessel proves just how good planters can look in galvanised steel.

8. Steel Splashback

Metal kitchen splashbacks are an excellent alternative to tiles or glass. Not only are they easy to install and clean, they’re long-lasting and can really make a kitchen design. This stunning splashback is made from a strip of galvanised steel that runs the full length of the sideboard. Combined with the weathered wood, stainless steel oven and enamel light fittings, the finished aesthetic is industrial but homely.

9. Table Tops

From coffee tables to dining tables, galvanised steel makes the perfect top surface. It’ll withstand years of knocks and spillages and give your furniture a quirky aesthetic. Topping a table in galvanised steel is also a great way to give an old, damaged wooden table an upcycling makeover. Here, the original legs are painted to match the colour scheme of the room. The new surface gives the table a brilliant new look — and a whole new lease of life.

10. Magnetic Boards

Galvanised steel makes magnificent magnetic boards! The uses for a sleek, metallic noticeboard in the home are endless: in hallways to hold mail and important reminders, for home offices, in playrooms where children want to practise their ABC with magnets. Boards like this can also make a neat addition to bedrooms or living rooms, where they can become an exciting way to display precious photographs. Intrigued? Head to our quick tutorial and find out how to create your own.