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Bring the industrial look into your outdoor space with our hand-picked range of metal garden products. Steel is the material of choice for award-winning landscape designers and it’s easy to see why: as well as being weatherproof, this tough metal looks stylish and gives your garden or patio an instant urban update. Choose from classic galvanised steel, with its silver-grey hue, or go for the unique orange tones of Corten, with its protective rust that looks better with age. As well as our popular metal planters, we’ve sourced a range of beautiful fire pits and ponds, stairs and firewood storage.

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Galvanised garden products

Galvanised garden products provide an industrial aesthetic with smooth lines and sharp edges of man-made products.

Galvanised steel is weatherproof and rust-resistant so can last the test of time. Steel is a lovely material to work with. It looks industrial without being overbearing and can be used within a garden design or on its own. It’s perfectly comfortable either way!

Metal fires

Our metal fire range includes the beautifully rustic Corten steel in a range of modern and traditional styles. With a more natural appeal, Corten steel fires can look completely at home in any garden while offering the statement you’re looking for.

Whatever the weather, whatever the situation, sitting around a fire contained by a lovely steel fire surround is the ultimate way to unwind!

Corten garden products

Corten garden products combine the beauty of the material with the practicality of design. Products include steel garden edging, steel water bowls, metal stairs, Corten steel water features and planters.

Corten garden products cover the entire range of products. They can work individually or as part of a design. Either way, nothing makes a statement like Corten steel!

Water features

Corten water features provide a unique opportunity to enjoy contrast. The smoothness and serenity of water with the texture and liveliness of Corten steel. Our selection of water features includes round, square, rectangle and architectural water features.

Corten water features would make a lovely addition to any space. No matter the size or scope of your garden, it cannot fail to be enhanced with one of these well-chosen pieces!

Wood storage

Corten steel wood storage is an opportunity to make an architectural statement while fulfilling a practical purpose. The rustic appeal of Corten steel works admirably with the natural beauty of wood to deliver a practical piece of furniture that can work inside or outside.

Corten steel wood storage would make the perfect partner to one of our metal fires but can also work well on its own whether in the garden or in the home!

Garden features

Corten steel garden features can work as part of a coherent garden design or on their own to offer unique appeal. Either way, the Corten steel stairs, steel edging, Corten panels and pond walls deliver looks and practicality in equal measure.

Corten steel garden features could work with anything else in our range or stand proud on its own. They are that good!