How Metal Can Help You Make Your Home Tidy AND Stylish this Spring

It’s official, spring is here! The clocks have gone forward, the days are longer and it’s time to clean up and clear out your home. Whether you’re preparing for a return to the office or bracing yourself for more working from home, now is a great time to spruce up your space. One of the simplest and most stylish ways of tidying up is with the addition of a metal noticeboard. From mesh to glass, readymade to DIY, there are a host of options that make perfect sense in kitchens, studies, children’s playrooms and more. Here are some of our favourites…

Wire Mesh Grid

Fans of Instagram grids will love the chance to curate their very own, real-life grid using wire mesh. Here’s a place where you can display reminders and keepsakes, but also hang fairy lights, plants, jewellery, tools, decorations, the list goes on and on. It’s incredibly easy to fix a sheet of wire mesh to your wall and start hanging stuff from it straight away. What’s more, the grid look gives any room an instant industrial aesthetic. Use S-shaped hooks and mini bulldog clips to hold your stuff in place. Our wire mesh comes in galvanised steel or copper wash, so you can choose a finish to suit your décor. Now that’s a grid worthy of a place on an Instagram grid.

Galvanised Steel Magnetic Board

Free up your fridge door with a dedicated metal noticeboard with plenty of space for bills, pictures and those all-important holiday souvenir magnets. Our galvanised steel magnetic boards are available in a huge range of sizes and can be cut to size to create the perfect board for your space. It could be a neat noticeboard above your desk or a much bigger space – why not create a functional and aesthetically-pleasing feature wall in the kitchen or hallway by installing an extra large galvanised steel noticeboard? We offer these memo boards in a wide range of sizes, or we can custom-cut for you, creating the perfect board for your space. Galvanised steel is tough and long-lasting, and its greyish-silver colour matches most interiors, but it can also be easily painted.

Perforated Steel Sheet Bulletin Boards

Our perforated steel sheets make great DIY noticeboards.

Add a touch of interest and texture to your memo board by using perforated steel sheet. Made of the same galvanised steel as our regular memo boards, our perforated steel sheets are magnetic and enable hanging of thinner objects through the punched-out holes. Perforated metal is a big hit with architects; used for screens and stairways, its pattern keeps things private but lets through light. Using a custom-cut sheet of our perforated steel, which boasts a regular pattern of round holes, is a clever way to create a noticeboard that looks just as good empty as when it is adorned with important things.

Magnetic Glass Wipe-boards

Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Despite their name, our magnetic glass whiteboards come in a whole host of bright colours, 97 to be precise! You may think glass boards like this are best suited to boardrooms, offices or schools, but they make a brilliant focal point in any busy home. Choose from a range of bright shades to match your colour schemes. Stick photos and memos straight to the surface with extra-strong magnets, or scribble recipes, doodles and love notes on to the optically-clear surface. When you need to start over, simply swipe the provided eraser across your board and begin again. Loved my children as much as adults, these glossy memo boards strike the perfect balance of form and function. See the full, vibrant colour palette here.