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Date added: 07/06/2017 How to Use Sheet Metal to Give Your Home an Instant, Industrial Update

Would you like to give your living space a touch of the industrial look? Before you strip your brickwork bare or spend a fortune on a battered old filing cabinet, read this. Our simple ideas and tips will help you turn your home into your very own industrial powerhouse, with sheet metal and the minimum of fuss.



Mesh Noticeboards 

Metal grid noticeboards are handy for displaying photos, memos and even jewellery, plus their factory-like looks let you stick to an industrial aesthetic without full-on renovation. All you need is a sheet of wire mesh in the size to fit your space. Our metal mesh comes in copper, galvanized steel or stainless steel versions, as well as a wide choice of aperture sizes. Choose yours here

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Magnetic Boards 


Magnetic boards are the perfect way to keep everything from household bills to kids' drawings in place. Our magnetic sheet metal boards come in a wide range of sizes, or we can cut to size. Whether you're looking for a home office organiser or a full kitchen wall, we can provide the amount you need to create a stunning (and practical) sticking place. The popular 1m x 1.25m size is just £33.10 including delivery. Order here





Our steel planters were made with gardens in mind, but there's nothing to stop you bringing yours inside. In fact, with the growing popularity of succulents, trailing plants and cacti, a metal planter could make a stunning feature in an industrial space. Ours come in galvanized sheet metal or the ever-popular Corten steel, but we also make custom-built planters like the mesh one below, which would look amazing in the right room. 

A bespoke steel planter from Buy Metal Online 

Why not bring one of our Corten steel planters inside for some industrial-edged greenery? 


Spell it out 

You can't get much more industrial than this: industrial letters made of durable and decorative sheet metal Corten steel. Ideal for the house or the garden, these are custom-made by artist Eddie Roberts. Pick out a phrase that's important to you or even just your initials. Wrap them in fairy lights or leave them bare; whatever you do with them, these gorgeous metal letters are showstoppers. To find out more about our industrial letters, drop us a line: [email protected] 



Top a Table 


Nothing says 'industrial' quite like a metal table, but they don't come cheap. If you're into DIY, save money by topping a wooden table with metal. Sheet metal prices vary, depending on the material used, but this method definitely works out cheaper than buying a whole new piece of furniture. Search online for tutorials on how to do it with steel, copper or zinc sheet metal. Feel like the dining table might be too big an opportunity? Start small with a bedside, coffee or lamp table instead. 

(Image source, and a great tutorial) 


Diamonds Are Forever 

... or diamond plate lasts a long time. Diamond plate, AKA treadplate, durbar plate or chequer plate, is usually used outside. It's the sheet metal with a uniform, raised pattern on it that creates a non-slip surface. It doesn't have to be used outside, though, and it does look very industrial. We offer aluminium treadplate and steel treadplate. It looks great on walls and floors, and the added benefit of its non-slip credentials make it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. With its tactile surface, it also feels good underfoot. Not ready to deck your whole room out in chequer plate? Consider making a bath mat from a small cut. See all our great sheet metal prices and order just the cut you need here


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