Inspirational living room decoration ideas you can complete in a weekend

We spend a lot of time in our living room. That’s especially true now summer is over. What better time to transform a living room and make it a much nicer place to spend time?

This page will share some living room decorating ideas that you could do in a weekend. Each is practical, and can be done by the average DIYer.

Show me the light

Lighting is an incredibly important factor in any room design and living rooms are no different. Begin with a bold central light fixture to make a real statement. Use colour, use size or use texture but be brave.

You can also add character with stand lights or downlighters depending on your room configuration. The more you explore light, the more you can experiment. Combine new and old, tone and colour and make work like for your room to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Going green

Adding foliage to any room works well. Adding some well chosen plants to your living room can make a design statement as well as adding other benefits. We now know that having plants around boosts our wellbeing so including them in your design scheme has double benefit.

Mix in some tall plants with some smaller surface plants, use a characterful pot or planter for added wow factor. Plants can be cheap, come in all shapes and sizes and the many different leaf shapes and colours offers a lot of freedom for design. What more could you need?

Aged copper feature wall

The one thing we want from our living room is for it to be warm and welcoming. You can achieve that with ease by using aged copper metal sheets as a feature.

Aged copper sheets are thin and can be cut to any size. They are also very easy to fit. They can be bonded to the wall or fixed using screws. The copper patina adds a unique character to a wall and delivers a real statement with minimal effort.

Aged brass feature wall

If aged copper is a little much, why not try aged brass sheet instead? It has the same practicality as copper but a much lighter tone. The ageing still works to add atmosphere.

Also like copper, the aged brass sheets can be cut to any size, can be lifted into place by hand and fixed into place with adhesive or screws. The sheet is sealed with a gloss lacquer preserving the patina effect and preventing further ageing.

Soothing colours

If statement walls using aged copper sheets aren’t your thing, how about decorating the entire room with a narrow palette of complementing soothing colours. Keep things simple with soft tones for walls, furniture and woodwork and add little pops of colour with soft furnishings.

There are lots of colours out there but we would recommend light blues and greys as useful in living rooms. They provide a warm place to be while also being relaxed and soothing. Exactly what you want to come home to after a long day!

Statement rugs

Sometimes we love a plain carpet but ache for something more impactful. There’s no need to replace a perfectly good carpet, just use a rug instead. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs and there is a rug design for every conceivable room.

Rugs are very easy to pair with walls and furniture and there are enough designs out there for every taste. While they can require investment, a rug is certainly cheaper than replacing your entire carpet!