10 Great Lawn Edging Ideas

Finally, there’s a glimmer of spring in the air this week! Bright bulbs like crocuses, snowdrops and even daffodils are springing up in parks and on verges, bringing cheer to the end of a long and chilly winter. If you’re a keen gardener (or like many, you became one during the 2020 lockdown!), your thoughts might be turning to your own outdoor space. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your garden is with the introduction or replacement of edging. Landscape edging offers a clear boundary between different zones of your garden, such as flowerbeds and paths, and prevents loose materials like gravel soil and bark from spilling on to your lawn. When it comes to choosing your garden edging, there are several factors to consider, including durability, cost and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a cheap, functional solution or stunning results that would make a professional landscaper proud, there are plenty of options to choose from. Read on to find out more about ten different garden edging materials, and decide which one is best for your particular patch of paradise.

Corten steel garden edging and accessories bring out the rustic hues of a red brick wall.













1. Bricks or rocks

Edging your beds with bricks is easy, quick and potentially very cheap. There are a number of ways you can do this, from simply lining the bricks (or rocks) up next to each other on their side, to embedding them in the ground and employing mortar for a sturdier, more permanent solution. Look online for tutorials – if you can get hold of some unwanted bricks you might even be able to do this one for free!

2. Wire

A quick solution that’s fine if you’re on a budget, plastic-coated wire edging can be bought in rolls and is easy to install. It’s definitely not as edgy (sorry we couldn’t resist) as more modern solutions, and won’t contain gravel and soil, but it’s cheap and suits more traditional outdoor spaces. It tends to come in green, too, meaning it camouflages with most plants and suits those looking for a less obvious divider.

3. Galvanised steel

OK, we may be biased, but metal garden edging has got a lot going for it. Our galvanised steel lawn edging looks modern, slices a neat division between grass and flowerbeds, protects plants, and is flexible for curved edges and extremely durable. From wheelbarrows to tools, so many of the important items in your garden are already made of galvanised steel, so it makes sense for your lawn edging to be made of the same strong stuff. If you’re looking for metal edging in a silvery-grey colour that will last for many years to come, this is the one for you. It’s suitable for all kinds of gardens, but we think it looks especially good paired with grey garden furniture as part of a minimalist scheme. Our exclusive shark-tooth galvanised steel edging is designed to make installation swift and simple, so you don’t have to be a professional to achieve that landscaped look

Galvanised steel edging is modern and long-lasting.













4. Corten steel

If you love the idea of metal garden-edging that looks impressive and lasts a long time, galvanised steel isn’t your only option. Our Corten steel garden edging is made of a metal designers love, which develops a protective, rust-coloured outer crust and lasts for decades to come. Corten steel is also known as weathering steel, such are its powers when it comes to resisting the elements. The rust colour gives an industrial look that’s hugely popular in modern garden design, and this edging is flexible enough to gof round the curviest of corners. Corten’s rich colours make it look at home in a rustic-themed garden, and beautifully complement red brick houses and garden walls. Just like with our galvanised edging, we’ve created an exclusive shark-tooth Corten edging, which makes sinking your new borders into the ground an absolute breeze.

Corten steel garden edging perfectly combines form and function.

5.  Wood

If you’re looking for a rustic way to ring your flowerbeds, rolls of timber half-logs, usually connected by wire, are a traditional favourite. Most people prefer to keep it natural for an organic look, but the wood can easily be stained or painted before installation. Although half-log rolls usually come ready-treated, it’s worth remembering that they will eventually rot, especially if you live in a damp climate. For a more permanent solution in wood, consider using railway sleepers, but bear in mind they’ll only suit straight edges.

6. Mini picket fencing

If you like things to look traditional and neat, consider edging your beds with a cute mini picket fence. These usually come in white, but again, you can easily paint or stain them to fit in with a vibrant colour scheme to match a shed, or to brighten up a children’s garden. Whether you go for real wood or more durable plastic, mini picket fencing will create a look that’s both tidy and timeless.

7. Plastic

Lots of garden edging products are made of plastic, which is a cheap and waterproof option. From plain and simple strips of plastic, through to moulded cobblestone-effects, there is plenty to choose from. Plastic edging is functional and affordable, but is best used for a short-term solution as it can fade quickly in bright sunlight, and be a magnet for algae and dirt.

8. Rubber

Rubber landscape edging is a relatively new addition to the market, and has many of the same properties as plastic. It comes in a variety of shapes and patterns, and some manufacturers make it from used car tyres, making it environmentally-friendly.


9. Natural materials

Just like the half-logs we mentioned earlier, natural material edging gives an organic look to your garden. It’s usually made from bamboo or willow sticks, linked together on a roll by wire, but you can also buy edging made of wicker. These natural materials blend in with the flora and fauna, but they will rot eventually, so are perhaps better suited to short-term use.

10. Light-up

Lighting can totally transform the look of a yard or garden, plus it is an essential addition to any outdoor space that will be used for evening entertainment. Light-up lawn edging not only defines borders in the dark, but can add a magical atmosphere to a garden. There are a number of solar-powered garden edging products on the market, but the look can easily be achieved by adding solar-powered stake or fairy lights to your favourite edging material, whether that’s metal or something else.

9. Light-up