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Metal Garden Planters - Corten, Galvanised, Aluminium

Metal planters at Buy Metal Online are available in galvanised steel, Corten steel, aluminium or zinc. Each is constructed of high quality materials and precision engineered to look amazing wherever you install them.

Each of these materials has a distinct look and lends itself well to a wide range of styles and design schemes. Alongside their natural qualities, this makes metal planters the ideal accessory to any driveway, entrance or garden.

Available in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, metal planters perform brilliantly while looking amazing. No wonder they are so popular!

Galvanised Planters

Corten Planters

Aluminium Planters

Zinc Planters and Window Boxes

Common uses

Common uses for metal planters include separating areas, bordering driveways or paths, as architectural features within a house or garden, to add texture and character to modern buildings, to stand proud bordering entrances or within lobbies.

Metal planters are commonly used in the home to edge terraces, as window boxes, to border pathways or break up large areas of concrete or render.

Metal planters are also used commercially in pub gardens, office buildings, public gardens, on the street, as traffic barriers and within commercial buildings.

The characteristics of these metals mean they require minimal maintenance and are weather and damage resistant. Which is why you see them so often!

How it’s made

Galvanised steel is made by passing steel sheets through molten zinc to create zinc oxide and then using carbon dioxide to create zinc carbonate.

Corten steel also known as weathered steel is a steel alloy that naturally oxidizes when exposed to different weather conditions, to create a stable rust-like appearance, which negates the need for painting.

Aluminium is made from combining bauxite ore with caustic soda and cooking, then waste products are removed and electricity is passed through the mixture until the metal is created.

Zinc is made from sulphide ore that is processed through roasting, leaching, purification and electrolysis to create a usable material. It is then melted and cast into the desired shape.


The benefits of these metals are that they are all weather resistant, hard wearing, impact and scratch resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Galvanised steel has a dull look that enables it to fit into many design schemes and work indoors or out.

Corten steel has a unique look that’s very popular right now. A rusted, aged look that is still high quality metal underneath that is now fully protected.

Aluminium is also resistant to the weather, staining, corrosion and impact. It’s also light yet hardwearing.

Zinc is a tough but flexible material that is also resistant to most environmental effects and will remain looking good over the long term.

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