Metal sculptors to follow on Instagram in 2018

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Whether you are seeking inspiration for DIY and crafts or just a little art escapism — we have collected the best Instagram accounts of metal sculptors to follow in 2018. You can find everything to do with metal from them: from huge, breath-taking modern installations to adorable tiny pieces inspired by nature. Ready to double-tap?

1. Eddie Roberts (@cult_ore)

Our customer Eddie Roberts is a Yorkshire based metal artist offering sculptures, furniture, planters, letters, signage, fire pits and much more. He is brave when working with corten but also uses galvanised steel.

2. Peter Machen (@machenart)

Nature-inspiredand dynamic pieces of this artist look very light and delicate — and are all made with metal. Peter also shows behind-the-scenes of his work on his Instagram account.

3.YZO (@yzo_art)

Follow this young French metal artistfor unusual textures and creative usage of oxidation. Her scenes of nature amaze with their attention to detail.

4. Elizabeth Goluch (@elizabethgoluch)

Meet Elisabeth — a metal smith who creates unique metal insects. Her dedication to detail is unreal and we love her work in steel, silver, and gold. On her website, Elizabeth writes:
“My focus in recent years has been on creating one of a kind, larger-than-life, highly detailed metal insects. I incorporate precious metals, gemstones and various other materials in their construction. Articulated body parts and the use of obvious rivets are important devices. The decorative details and the treasure contained in each piece reference elements of insect life, lore and environment.”

5. Busra Kolmuk (@busrakolmuk)

This young artist shows off her art, often made from reclaimed metal, and the process of constructing them. Expect a lot of behind-the-scenes and fresh, creative ideas — such as the deconstructed “Persona” sculpture.

6. Nicole Ringgold Jewlry (@ringgoldnicole)

Although we do not trade silver, we couldn’t ignore this silversmith and jewellery artist. Nicole Ringgold calls herself “plant obsessed” and this is clearly visible in her work where she creates metal copies of miniature leaves and flowers.

7. Marcelina & Rafal Mikulowscy  (@warsztatywarminskie)

Steel, brass, copper — all these metals are great to use in interior design. @Warsztatywarminskie is an art, craft and interior design studio choosing wood, ceramics and metal as their form of artistic expression.

8. Nate Brimhall (@nmbenembe)

Nate specialises in volumetric steel sculptures. He chooses metal for its “heat, light, grit, grime, process and permanency”.

9. Jacob Colburn (@jacobgcolburn)

Copper, with its unique, colourful patina, is the metal of choice for this Texas-based artist. He explains his love for this material, “I am fascinated by copper because it is so versatile. The colours you can pull from it are quite amazing. I have been very interested in creating geometrical shapes. With acid and inks I change the chemical make-up of my pieces and make works of art.”

10. Hunter Brown (@innovativesculpture/)

Innovative Sculpture Design is a design and fabrication studio based in Arkansas. They specialise in modern, bold form, and work in steel, bronze and aluminium.

11. Buy Metal Online (@buymetalonline)

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