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Mild steel is a flexible material with literally thousands of creative applications, from construction to bodywork, gardening to hobbies.

It is comprised iron and carbon, making it technically an alloy. Also referred to as plain or carbon steel, it’s a very common metal due to its low cost, flexibility and strength.

Mild steel sheet

Mild steel sheet is rolled at a mill, then flattened and cut to size. It is available in various thicknesses and you can order it from us in custom-cut sizes.

Mild steel sheet is often used in fabrication, construction, home renovation, commercial kitchens, the automotive trade, gardening & fencing, and construction.

Mild steel plate

Mild steel plate is generally thicker than sheet and is often used in construction or heavy machinery. It has the same features as mild steel so can be used in a variety of ways with the correct preparation. Steel plate is very strong, yet is still pliable enough to be worked, and can be moulded or shaped as required.

Everything you need to know about mild steel

Mild steel is typically between 0.05% and 0.25% carbon by weight. This is a perfect balance: if it was less it wouldn’t be very strong, if it was more, it would become cast iron. It is made in a foundry, where iron and coal are mixed and subjected to extreme temperatures to burn off as many impurities as possible. Once refined, carbon is added in specific amounts and the steel is allowed to cool and solidify. After cooling to room temperature, the metal can be rolled into mild steel sheet or pressed into mild steel plate.

We supply mild steel in specific thicknesses and sizes but can cut your sheet or plate to any size you need. Just select the next size up from your requirements and tell us your dimensions on the order page.