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What is powder-coated steel sheet?

Metal Made More Colourful

Need your steel sheet in a certain colour? Our powder-coating service lets you pick from a plethora of shades – and ensures a high quality coating that lasts and lasts. Powder-coated mild steel sheet is attractive, tough and extremely durable. Choose from the extensive, industry-standard RAL and BS colour ranges, both of which offer a huge choice of hues, enabling you to find the one that’s right for you. Once you’ve decided on your perfect shade, let us know the finish you need: gloss, semi or matt. We use the best primers, powders and processes, including hot blast facilities, to make sure your steel sheet comes to you with an even, reliable coat. Not only that, if you’re looking for a shade that’s even more specific than those on the RAL and BS menus, ask us about our bespoke wet-painting service, which allows us to paint your metal literally any colour you wish. Although galvanized steel sheet is the most popular metal for powder-coating, the process can also be applied to our cold reduced, Zintec, stainless and hot rolled pickled and oiled steel. Please note that there is a minimum order of one tonne on our pre-powder-coated mild steel; contact us for more information about the bespoke wet-painting option.

Good for: Our clients order powder-coated steel sheet for a broad range of purposes, but some of the most popular uses include metal furniture, household appliances, landscaping and vehicle body repairs and parts. Whatever you need your powder-coated mild steel for, if you’re wondering where to buy sheet metal that’s pre-coloured, look no further.

Why powder? Dry-blasting metal with specially-selected polymer powders makes for a more even finish than traditional paints. Once the coating part is done, the colour is heat-dried, sealing the powder in place and forming a protective, skin-like layer on the steel’s surface that’s designed with longevity in mind.


- Enormous range of colours to choose from

- Choice of three finishes

- Even coverage

- Lasting, protective properties

What our customers say about us:

“Good choice of metals and sizes available. I got what I wanted at a very reasonable price.” – Mark, Trustpilot, April 2016.

“Really easy to order and fast delivery meant I could work on my car that same weekend.” Paul, Trustpilot, May 2016.

Random Fact: 

Michael Linton from New Zealand made a 64-metre long steel mosaic replica of the famous Bayeux Tapestry out of three million pieces of spring steel. It took him 20 years to complete the artwork, which holds the record for the world’s largest steel mosaic.

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