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Health and safety is a huge consideration for many of the people and companies we supply. That’s why we carefully sourced a full range of affordable personal protective equipment. We’ve picked out high quality items that will give you and your workforce the protection they need in the workplace. Of course, everything we sell complies with current health and safety regulations, and we’ve chosen items that provide comfort as well as performance. With helmets, hi-vis, ear defenders and boots, we’ve got safety wear covered, from top to toe.

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liquid hand & surface sanitiser, bulk 3 litres
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Liquid Hand and Surface Sanitiser 3L Dispensing Box 78% Alcohol

  • WHO formula alcohol hand and surface sanitiser to effectively kill bacteria with skin-friendly and effective bactericide
  • This antibacterial hand sanitiser requires no rinsing and dries quickly for 'on the go’ use
  • 3 Litre wine box style with 'easy open easy pour’ tap 
  • Ideal refill for spray bottles and pumps
  • Product has been tested and is approved to the EN 1276:2019 Standard.
  • 78% Alcohol

Convenient, versatile, and effective for all your home and business sanitising needs

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Liquid Hand and Surface sanitiser

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red ear defenders
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Ear Defenders Sound Protection Our ear defenders will protect you, your employees and visitors from loud noises in the workplace. They are fully tested and conform to EN 352-1: 2002 regulations, have an SNR rating of 23dB and are made from high-impact polystyrene. Chunky cushioning means these ear muffs can be worn for long periods of time without irritation, and creates a firm seal around the ears, blocking out external sounds. They also have adjustable headbands, making them suitable for a wide range of wearers, and come in a choice of sizes to enable you to obtain the all-important perfect fit. Classed as PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), these ear protectors are essential in many working environments. Hearing is precious and must be protected from heavy sounds such as those produced by drilling and machinery, which is why ear protection is required by law in many circumstances. We’ve carefully selected our ear defenders, and as well as meeting current health safety requirements, they’re as comfortable as they are practical. Health, Safety & Technical Information: - These ear defenders conform to EN 352-1:2002 standards for hearing protection. - They have an SNR rating of 23db. This means that they reduce the noise a worker is being exposed to by 23db (decibels), classed as protection against medium noise frequency. As of January 2017, according to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005: - When exposed to noise levels above 85dB (A) – The allowable exposure level, hearing protection is compulsory - When exposed to noise levels above 80dB (A) – Hearing protection is not compulsory but should be made available to workers for protection. Always check with the Health and Safety Executive for the latest information on whether your workers are required to wear hearing protection. Good for: Any workplace where people are likely to be exposed to loud noises, especially those made by machinery, including (but by no means limited to): construction sites, factories, metalwork, landscaping, automobile works, airports, mills. How they work: The high-impact polystyrene filters out high frequency noise, whilst the thick, foam cushioning creates a complete seal around the whole ear, blocking out external noises. Random fact: As well as in the construction sector, ear defenders (also known as ear mufflers and ear protectors) are often used by those working in the music industry. Special, brightly-coloured hearing defenders worn by children are a common sight at music festivals, where the sound can be too loud for tiny ears.

Ear Defenders

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high visibility vest
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Hi-Vis Vests Be seen to stay safe Our hi-vis vests will make your workforce stand out, whatever the weather. We’ve carefully selected these comfortable and practical high-visibility waistcoats and they conform to the latest EN20471: 2013 Class 2 standard. They’re made from 100% lightweight, fast-drying polyester in a dazzling fluorescent yellow, with highly effective, retro-reflective tape. Convenient Velcro fastening makes the vests easy to put on and take off as required, and they’re available in a choice of sizes. Whether your employees work in low lighting, adverse weather conditions or near moving vehicles and machinery, this health and safety staple is an absolute must. Health, Safety & Technical Information: - Conforms to EN20471:2013 Class 2 (Class 2 is intermediate protection level, which means that it is usually in the form of sleeveless waistcoats, tabards, bib and brace trousers, in fluorescent material) - Conforms to EN471 (This states that high visibility clothing is required) - Class 2 – Intermediation protection (Minimum background material of 0.50m2, Minimum retro-reflective material 0.13m2) The 1992 PPE at Work Regulations state that all high visibility clothing should be comfortable and fit the wearer properly, causing minimum restriction of movement. Please bear this in mind when selecting the size of hi-vis vests. Our high-visibility vests are Class 2 so provide intermediate protection; as a general rule, the darker the conditions, the more hi-vis clothing is required. Always check the Health and Safety Executive website to see what protective clothing workers should be wearing in your particular environment. Good for: Any environment in which visibility is low and / or people need to be easily discernible from their background. Examples include construction sites, the manufacturing industry, warehousing and security. How they work: Fluorescent yellow polyester provides a strong contrast against most backgrounds, making wearers highly visible in natural light. Retro-reflective tape ‘bounces back’ light from artificial sources, such as headlamps and street lighting, making wearers stand out in darker environments where artificial light sources are present. Random fact: In 2016, people in the Japanese city of Kitskyushu wanted to raise awareness of the work done by the local civilian crime patrols, who had successfully reduced the rate of crime in the city (which had been one of the country’s highest). They did this by arranging a massive gathering of people in hi-vis vests. 2136 people gathered at the West Japan General Exhibition Centre, making a Guinness World Record for the most people wearing high visibility vests.

Hi Vis Vest

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red and grey work gloves
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Rigger Gloves Hands-on safety Rigger gloves, also known as Canadian gloves, are an essential piece of health and safety kit and one of the most popular items of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). We’ve selected ours to be ultra tough, made from thick leather with a heavy red drill backing for optimum durability. With a leather thumb, index finger and knuckle band, your hand will get protection where it needs it most. One size fits all, and the elasticated wristband ensures a snug, secure fit. With a soft, fleece lining to the palm and the fronts of the fingers, these gloves offer plenty in the way of comfort, as well as good performance. These gloves offer Category II protection, making them suitable for many construction and manufacturing settings. They’ll protect against cuts, abrasions and burns to the hands and wrists. Hands can be extremely vulnerable; keep yourself and your workforce protected with safety gloves from Buy Metal Online. Health, Safety & Technical Information: - Category II (Intermediate Design for intermediate risks. Gloves are placed in this category when the risk is not classified as minimal or irreversible and gloves are subjected to independent testing) - Conforms to EN388:2003 (This states that protective gloves against mechanical risks are required) - Conforms to EN420: 2003+A1:2009 (Highlighting the general requirement for gloves) Employers are required by law to ensure all workers are provided with and wear the correct and appropriate hand and arm protection to comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992. Always check with the Health and Safety Executive for up to date information on whether protective gloves are required in your workplace. Good for: Any setting where Category II hand protection is required, such as in: agriculture, construction, warehousing, transport and logistics, packaging, manufacturing and engineering. How they work: The 1.2mm thick leather on our rigger gloves is abrasion and puncture resistant, protecting hands against cuts, scrapes and other injuries. A leather thumb, index finger, wrist and knuckle band offer extra support and reinforcement where it is needed most. In short, these tough gloves offer an extra layer of protection for working hands. Radom fact: The idiom “throwing down the gauntlet” comes from medieval times. When a knight threw his heavy, armoured glove at the feet of an opponent, it was a terrible insult and a universally recognised signal that meant he was challenging him to a duel. These days, gauntlets are often used for handling birds of prey.

Rigger Gloves

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black safety boots
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Safety Boots Protection from the toes up Our safety boots offer everything that’s needed to ensure maximum safety for the feet of you and your workforce. These steel toe boots (also known as rigger boots, or simply ‘riggers’) have a strong cap at the front to protect toes from dropped objects, along with a puncture-proof sole. They’re made from durable brown leather and come in an easy pull-on style. What’s more, they’re water resistant, electrically insulating, energy absorbing and antistatic, as well as being insulated against both heat and cold. The sturdy sole is resilient to contact with heat, and slip resistant on slippery surfaces such as ceramic and steel, plus there’s extra protection for the metatarsal area. Of course, our safety boots comply with EN ISO 2034 and Classification S1, meaning they’ve passed rigorous tests to make sure they’re up to the job. And it goes without saying that they’re cosy and comfortable too. Health, Safety & Technical Information: - Conforms to EN ISO 2034 (The requirement for safety footwear, and must have a 200J toecap) - Classification S1 (Requires to meet all basic requirements for safety footwear, as well as closed and energy absorbing seat region, and antistatic.) - Heat 120°C (Insulation against heat) - Slip Rating – SRC (Slip resistant on ceramic surfaces with ‘soap’ and on steel with glycerol) Employees should wear safety boots in environments where there is a chance of injuries to their feet and legs from any of the following hazards: wet flooring, slips, cuts and punctures, falling objects, metal and chemical splash, abrasion, handling heavy items etc. To ensure that you comply with the Personal Protective Equipment regulations, always check with the Health and Safety Executive for current legal requirements. Good for: Any working environment where there is risk of injury to the foot or ankle, including (but not limited to): construction sites, warehouses and factories. How they work: One of the key features of safety boots is their toe cap, designed to protect the toes from injuries, particularly those sustained from falling objects. Toe caps are sometimes also made from aluminium and thermoplastic, but ours are made from good old steel. Our safety boots come with plenty of other protective benefits, including shock absorption, slip-resistance and electrical insulation. Random fact: Rigger boots get their name because they used to be the standard issue footwear for workers on offshore oil rigs. The benefits and durability of the boots became widely known, and these days they are the boot of choice for thousands of construction workers as well as those on the rigs.
green safety hard hat
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Safety Helmets Top level protection Safety helmets are a must in many workplaces, playing an essential role in helping to prevent injuries to the head. Our safety helmets have been carefully selected to offer comfort, durability and superb protection. The outer shell is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), a lightweight thermoplastic with excellent tensile strength and resistance to many solvents. Inside, the cradle is made from nylon textile webbing for ultimate performance and comfort, whilst the headband is made from tough, flexible LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). Helmets are available in a choice of sizes and com with fully adjustable straps. Our helmets conform to the latest health and safety regulations, and when fitted and worn correctly, they will offer you and your workforce protection against everything from falling objects to molten metal, giving you complete peace of mind. Health, Safety & Technical Information: - Conforms to EN 397:1995+A1 / EN 397:2012+A1:2012 - Conforms to EN50365:2002 (Electrically insulating helmets for use of low voltage installations) (1000V AC) - Resists molten metal splash (MM) - Performs temperatures as low as -30° Where there is a risk of injury to the head or falling objects, head protection should be provided by employers. In such circumstances, employers are required by law to ensure all workers are provided with and wear the necessary head protection to comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992. Always check with the Health and Safety Executive for up to date information on whether safety helmets are a legal requirement in your working environment. Good for: Any environment where head injuries could be a risk, through falling objects, electric shocks and splashes. Some examples include construction sites, factories, mining, tunnelling, anywhere where gas and oil are present and offshore sites. How they work: The high density polyethylene exterior of our safety helmets acts as a tough shield against hazards, as well as protecting against splashes of chemicals and molten metal. Inside, the nylon webbing cradles the head and works as a shock absorber, whilst the headband ensures this essential piece of health and safety kit Random fact: In 2007, oil and shipbuilding company Keppel Offshore and Marine presented an unusual spectacle at their Family Fun Day, held at Sentosa Beach, Singapore. To promote the company’s emphasis on safety, they created a chain of safety helmets, linked together by their chin straps, which measured an incredible total of 5.664km. The unique chain formed the walls of gazebos, which housed attractions and shaded visitors from the sun.