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aged brass splashback above hob
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Brass patina splashback

Our aged brass splashbacks feature the same characteristics as our aged brass sheets. A luxury look and feel with characterful colours and textures. It’s a fantastic material to use as a working splashback or as a statement piece. The benefits of aged brass splashbacks includes:
  • Unique patterns and patina
  • Easy to install with basic DIY tools
  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Comes in flexible sheets that can be cut to size
All aged brass splashbacks can be custom cut by our team for no extra cost. Our aged brass splashbacks are designed for use in domestic kitchens. If you would like to use them commercially, contact our expert team to discuss your needs.

Aged brass

Aged brass provides brand new design opportunities or an opportunity to look back in time. Britain has a long history with brass and many of us find comfort from its warm tone and reassuring shine. Brass makes an excellent decorative or practical material. It’s full of colour and character, is easy to clean, and can cover large areas with minimal material. These brass splashbacks are artificially aged to deliver a stunning and unique patina. Each sheet is coated with a gloss lacquer to preserve the patina pattern and prevent further ageing.

Caring for your aged brass splashback

Our aged brass splashbacks require minimal care and cleaning to maintain.
  • Clean using mild detergent and warm soapy water to remove dirt and debris. Use a clean soft cloth or sponge to wipe down.
  • Avoid using scourers or abrasive cleaners.
  • Avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaning products.
Order your aged brass splashbacks today from Buy Metal Online. We can cut to any size and deliver to your door!

* Note on Lacquered products

Lacquer is essentially a coating of paint and should be treated and cleaned as such. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning items as this with wear away the lacquer and chase the metal to continue to age and change. For heavy use products such as bar and table tops, always:
  • 1. Clean gently with warm and soapy water
  • 2. Use heat mats when required
  • 3. Avoid scratching
  • 4. Clean spills immediately
  • 5. Re-lacquer if required

Aged Brass Splashback

Product Weight: 1kg
Aged copper splashback with distinctive turquoise patina
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Copper splashback with patina

Few materials can look as good as an aged copper splashback while also delivering the practicality you need. They offer a warmth and character few other metals provide alongside ease of use, low maintenance and natural antimicrobial properties. The many benefits of aged copper splashbacks include:
  • Aged patina that few other materials can provide
  • Popular in modern, heritage and industrial design
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to cut sockets and other utilities
  • Very straightforward to clean and maintain
Aged copper splashbacks are available in any size required. Contact us to get exactly the size you need. These aged copper splashbacks are designed for domestic use. Contact Buy Metal Online for expert advice on using copper in commercial settings.

Aged copper

Copper is an excellent material for decorative use. It looks amazing, offers multidimensional warm hues and real character to a room.  After accelerating the ageing process of these copper sheets we seal each one with a gloss lacquer. This creates a brilliant finish and prevents further ageing of the sheet.

Caring for your aged copper splashback

One of the benefits of aged copper splashbacks is its ease of use. Once installed, surfaces require minimal care to maintain its appearance. Use a mild soap or washing up liquid to keep it clean and remove stains. That’s all this lovely metal requires. No need for bleaches or harsh cleaners. Order your aged copper splashbacks today from Buy Metal Online. We can cut to any size and deliver to your door!

* Note on Lacquered products

Lacquer is essentially a coating of paint and should be treated and cleaned as such. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning items as this with wear away the lacquer and chase the metal to continue to age and change. For heavy use products such as bar and table tops, always:
  • 1. Clean gently with warm and soapy water
  • 2. Use heat mats when required
  • 3. Avoid scratching
  • 4. Clean spills immediately
  • 5. Re-lacquer if required

Aged Copper Splashback

Product Weight: 1kg
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Fixing kit for use with our range of splashbacks, magnetic boards and unbreakable mirrors. Each fixing kit contains: 4 of each of the following - 4.25mm diameter x 25mm long wood screws, rawl plugs and satin dome screw covers.
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Brass kitchen splashbacks

Brass splashbacks from Buy Metal Online are carefully selected for their quality, looks and finish. We select the best brass out there and can provide it in standard sizes or cut it to size. Lead time for lacquering can be up to 10 working days from order. Brass is richer and has more character than stainless steel yet is just as easy to work with. All of our brass splashbacks are delivered ready to fit. All splashbacks can be affixed using metal fixings or adhesives. This flexibility is one of the reasons metal splashbacks are so popular! Metal splashbacks have several advantages over plaster or tile. They are easier to fit, requiring just some fixings or adhesive. They are easier to clean, with no grooves and no grout to discolour and they are available in a range of colours and finishes that tile just cannot compete with. Best of all, they are affordable too! They can be cheaper to buy and install than tile, can last longer if looked after properly and are exceptionally durable. All characteristics we look for in our kitchens.

Caring for your brass splashback

Another key advantage of brass is that it is very low maintenance. All you need to keep it clean is some warm water.  Wipe it down regularly and your brass splashback will give you many years of faithful service! If you splash anything acidic, deeply coloured, or abrasive onto your brass splashback, wipe clean immediately to prevent marking or discolouration.

Custom brass splashbacks for your home

Buy Metal Online provides brass splashbacks in a range of standard sizes but we can also cut to measure. Just select an appropriate size and let us know the dimensions on the order page.

Aged brass splashbacks from Halman Thompson

Our partner Halman Thompson creates incredible handcrafted aged brass splashbacks. These are ideal for a stunning feature piece with a heritage feel. Check out their aged brass splashbacks.

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Brass Splashback

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Stylish and modern, copper splashbacks and worktops have become a huge trend in interior design. Not only do copper splashbacks add designer chic in both large and small kitchens, this interior statement ages gracefully and is also easy to maintain. Lead time for lacquering can be up to 10 working days from order. Is copper a good choice for the kitchen? Copper splashbacks are easy to maintain and get even more beautiful with age as their colour develops in the oxidation process. Ideally polished or covered with its rustic, green patina, copper works perfectly with any design style. With its orange hue, allowing light to bounce beautifully and warm up contemporary designs, copper splashbacks are a great choice to enrich modern and sleek kitchens. This timeless metal looks stunning in more traditional or rustic settings, as well as industrial interiors. Copper not only looks great but also has properties that make it the metal of choice for kitchen surfaces. Copper, as well as its alloys such as brass and bronze, is a natural antimicrobial material. This means that copper resists microbes even better than the kitchen favourite stainless steel! Research shows that even the nastiest of bacteria, such as E. coli, is rapidly and almost completely killed when it comes into contact with copper. What our customers say about us: Care instructions for copper splashbacks or copper worktops Copper worktops and splashbacks should be cleaned with water and a mild detergent (such as washing-up liquid or mild soap). For the best results use specific copper cleaning products and avoid using bleach (which you won't need anyway because of copper's antimicrobial properties). Copper does not like acids or salt, so if a spillage occurs, rinse immediately with fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth. Copper splashbacks and worktops from Buy Metal Online We offer cut to size copper sheets which are perfect to use for a copper splashback or worktop. We supply copper splashbacks for both domestic and commercial kitchens. Whatever size, we will cut the exact amount you need and deliver copper sheets straight to your door. Aged copper splashbacks from Halman Thompson Each sheet handcrafted with its own unique patina pattern. These sheets are finished with a gloss lacquer to prevent the sheet from ageing further. Perfect for creating a standout feature in your kitchen or bathroom. Check out aged copper splashbacks on Halman Thompson.

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Copper Splashback

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Magnetic Boards & Magnetic Galvanised Steel Sheet Noticeably useful Our galvanised steel is perfect for notice boards, crafts and DIY projects. This magnetic board comes in a huge range of sizes, as it’s made from galvanised steel, it is equipped to handle all the weather elements making it a great for both indoor and outdoor projects. Thinking of installing a notice board at home or in the office?  Then our galvanised magnetic notice boards are perfect for you. Our customers use these for displaying photographs, children’s artwork, staff notices and important documents.   The sheets are 1.0 mm thick. This product isn’t magnetic itself, so it won’t pick up metal objects, however it is the ideal thickness for both children’s magnets, industrial magnets and anything in between.  Whether you’re looking to keep your bills in order, display your precious photographs or give your living room an industrial edge, the opportunities for magnetic boards are endless. If you can’t see the size you’re looking for in the box above, just let us know; we’re always happy to cut to cut metal to size – and there’s no minimum order, so your magnetic notice board can be delivered just the size you want. How it’s made: Galvanised steel is made when steel is fortified with a powerful layer of zinc. The metal is dipped in an extremely hot bath of molten zinc, which causes a chemical reaction, resulting in a protective layer of zinc which makes the finished product supremely tough. Whilst the zinc that’s added to steel in the galvanisation process is not magnetic, the steel itself is. The amount of zinc used is so little that it doesn’t affect the performance of the steel, meaning magnets will stick to it. Good for: Notice boards, photography displays, shop displays, interiors or anywhere else where a surface that attracts magnets is required. Painting: Galvanised steel can be coated in paint, but make sure you use a specialist product and primer. Benefits:
  • Attracts magnets
  • Huge range of sizes available
  • Free cutting service
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
Please note: We do not offer pre-drilled holes in the corners of the metal What our customers say about us: “Even though the original order arrived damaged the service was fantastic. It was corrected and the new pieces delivered in double quick time. The delivery man was very helpful in moving the heavy pallet for me. I e-mailed a question about the metal galvanisation and I was called back almost instantly with an answer. I was very impressed by the service I received and would fully recommend them.” – Stuart, Trustpilot, December 2015. Random fact: The largest collection of fridge magnets in the world belongs to Louise Greenfarb of Henderson, Las Vegas, United States. She is also known, imaginatively, as ‘Magnet Lady’. Her collection began in the seventies and gradually spread; as well as the hundreds of magnets adorning the front of her fridge, there are novelties and souvenirs on other appliances, doors and all over her home – a grand total of 45,000 magnets.

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stainless steel splashback
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Why use Stainless Steel as a splashback? Stainless Steel has been the number one choice for food service, cookware and industrial kitchens for a very long time due to its hygienic and protective qualities – meaning it is safe to use in your kitchen and other food preparation areas. Also, it is resistant to rusting, corrosion and (you guessed it) staining. Stainless Steel looks sleek, stylish and modern and would suit any kitchen colour scheme. Refresh your kitchen on a budget by adding a splashback and a new lick of paint. Save time on cleaning A Stainless Steel splashback protects your kitchen walls from heat, grease and water damage. The splashbacks are easy to clean, so you can spend more time admiring your kitchen and less time cleaning up! Stainless Steel Splashbacks from Buy Metal Online Our Stainless Steel Splashbacks come in a Mill finish and 0.9mm thickness as standard. Get a bespoke splashback, just for you, using our free cutting service so you can install it right away! Our splashbacks are easy to install in 3 steps:
  1. Use a household drill to drill a hole in each corner
  2. Use screws to secure into the wall
  3. Enjoy your new Splashback!
What our customers say about us:

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Stainless Steel Splashback