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Ready to use adhesive. Bonds to wood, brick, plasterboard, metal, glass, ceramic and most common surfaces inside and out. Great for bonding architrave, skirting etc splashbacks and magnetic boards Important - Do not use on damp surfaces, as a mirror adhesive or on polystyrene/styrofoam/expaned polyurethane. Any heavy materials (more than 8kg/square metre) must be supported for 8-24hours depending on size of item. Solvents may attack sensitive plastics. Please test a small area first.   Evostik tube - 30g Evostik Tin - 500ml


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Fixing kit for use with our range of splashbacks, magnetic boards and unbreakable mirrors. Each fixing kit contains: 4 of each of the following - 4.25mm diameter x 25mm long wood screws, rawl plugs and satin dome screw covers.
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Non-abrasive cleaner for use specifically on stainless steel. Suitable for removing light soiling and stains. Does not contain acid or abrasives and will not scratch, corrode or damage stainless steel. Shake can thoroughly before use and spray from a distance of 15 to 30cm. Wipe surface clean with a soft dry cloth and buff for a clean shiny finish.

Stainless Steel Cleaner