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0.7mm Mild Steel Sheet

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Buy 0.7mm mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online and benefit from free cutting and fast delivery!

Our 0.7mm mild steel sheet can be used in a wide range of applications, from furniture and architectural projects to industrial and manufacturing uses. 

Why use 0.7mm mild steel sheets?

Mild steel is a type of carbon steel with a low carbon content, making it easier to shape and weld for use in various industries. 

Our 0.7mm mild steel sheet is thinner and lighter than our 1mm mild steel sheet but retains the same versatile and durable qualities that this metal offers. 

Its thinness means that 0.7mm mild steel has excellent machinability and can be shaped, formed, cut or welded for all sorts of projects. 

Flexibility: Although 0.7mm mild steel sheets are thin, they strike the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. 

Versatility: Mild steel can be cut, welded, formed, rolled, shaped, painted and treated for all sorts of purposes. 

Affordability: Mild steel is an abundant resource and has a relatively low production cost, making it an affordable choice without compromising on quality. Whether you’re building at scale or working on a DIY project, 0.7mm mild steel is very affordable considering the uses it can be put to.

Popular uses for 0.7mm mild steel sheet

These 0.7mm mild steel sheets are commonly used in welding, fabrication, and engineering work. 

Its versatility means the material is ideal for furnishings and architectural work such as kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and interior decorating. 0.7mm mild steel can also be used for industrial purposes, from warehouses and workshops to automotive bodywork and manufacturing. 

Construction: The strength-to-weight ratio of 0.7mm mild steel sheet makes it ideal for manufacturing lightweight yet robust panels. It can be seen in construction projects such as ducting, pipework and other internal structures. 

Automotive: 0.7mm mild steel is commonly used in automotive bodywork and repairs as it can be moulded and joined with ease. 

Manufacturing: Beyond the construction and automotive sectors, 0.7mm mild steel sheet sees many uses in furniture manufacturing, signage production, and general fabrication projects. 

Its versatility and cost-effectiveness make 0.7mm mild steel sheets a go-to material for those looking to balance quality with affordability.

Order 0.7mm mild steel sheet from Buy Metal Online

At Buy Metal Online, we know the importance of sourcing high-quality materials at competitive prices. That’s why we have a best price guarantee to ensure you get the most value for your purchase.

Need precise measurements? We can cut your 0.7mm mild steel sheets to any size with a precision laser, free on all qualifying orders.

With free UK delivery on orders over £100, acquiring the materials you need for your projects has never been more convenient. Whether you choose to use mild steel for industrial purposes or hobby use, opting for our 0.7mm mild steel sheets is the perfect choice.

Are you a new customer? Enjoy 5% off your first order today!

View our main Mild Steel Sheets page for more sheet thickness options.

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0.7mm / 22 SWG (0.028"), 0.8mm / 20 SWG (0.031"), 0.9mm / 20 SWG (0.035"), 1.0mm / 19 SWG (0.039"), 1.2mm / 18 SWG (0.047"), 1.5mm / 16 SWG (0.059"), 2.0mm / 14 SWG (0.079"), 2.5mm / 12 SWG (0.098"), 3.0mm / 10 SWG (0.120"), 4.0mm / 8 SWG (0.157"), 5.0mm / 5 SWG (0.197"), 6.0mm / 2 SWG (0.236")


100mm x 100mm – approx 4" x 4", 150mm x 150mm – approx 6" x 6", 200mm x 200mm – approx 8" x 8", 250mm x 250mm – approx 10" x 10", 300mm x 300mm – approx 12" x 12", 500mm x 500mm – approx 20" x 20", 750mm x 750mm – approx 30" x 30", 1000mm x 1000mm – approx 40" x 40", 1250mm x 1000mm – approx 50" x 40", 1250mm x 1250mm – approx 50" x 50", 1500mm x 1250mm – approx 60" x 50", 1500mm x 1000mm – approx 60" x 40", 2000mm x 1000mm – approx 80" x 40", 2500mm x 1250mm – approx 100" x 50", 3000mm x 1250mm – approx. 120” x 50”, 3000mm x 1500mm – approx 120" x 60"


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