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1mm Mild Steel Sheet

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Buy 1mm mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online and benefit from free cutting and fast delivery!

Our 1mm mild steel sheet is a very popular material used across all sorts of industries. It’s plentiful, affordable, strong, malleable, and can be used for a wide range of applications.

It is used in construction, manufacturing, architecture, car repairs, DIY and hobbies, and anywhere that a flexible and reliable material is required.

Why use 1mm mild steel sheets?

1mm mild steel sheets are thin enough to be rolled, shaped and cut easily, but strong enough to deliver rigidity and reliability. It’s one of the most common materials in the world.

Mild steel is popular for many reasons, including:

  • Affordability: Whether you’re building at scale or working on a garage project, steel is very affordable considering the uses it can be put to.
  • Flexibility: Mild steel can be cut, welded, formed, rolled, shaped, painted, treated and turned into anything you can imagine.
  • Strength: Despite being thin, 1mm mild steel sheet offers impressive strength for its size. Shaped right, that strength can be multiplied many times over.
  • Resistance: When prepared properly, mild steel can resist weather, staining, chemicals, heat and anything the environment can throw at it.

Popular uses for 1mm mild steel sheet

1mm mild steel sheet is used everywhere, from car manufacturing to construction, commercial to hobbyist use. Its thinness makes it sturdy yet flexible for all sorts of projects.

We often see our 1mm mild steel sheets used in:

  • Manufacturing: From components to kitchens, aircraft parts to computers, mild steel is used everywhere, in almost everything.
  • Building and construction: 1mm mild steel sheet is used extensively in construction, from new homes to factories and larger projects.
  • Car repair and manufacturing: 1mm mild steel sheet is thin and light enough to be used across the automotive industry.
  • Industrial: The uses mild steel can be put to are endless, from ducting to security doors. It’s everywhere and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

1mm mild steel sheet is available in abundant supply at affordable prices. There are a million uses for it and more are being developed all the time.

1mm mild steel sheet from Buy Metal Online

Buy Metal Online can cut your 1mm mild steel sheets to any size using a precision laser – for free on all qualifying orders.

These mild steel sheets are typically available from 100mm x 100mm up to 2500mm x 1250mm sizes. We can manufacture 1mm mild steel sheets in other sizes should you wish. Contact our team with your requirements.

Order mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online today and get free delivery on all orders over £100!

View our main Mild Steel Sheets page for more sheet thickness options.

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0.7mm / 22 SWG (0.028"), 0.8mm / 20 SWG (0.031"), 0.9mm / 20 SWG (0.035"), 1.0mm / 19 SWG (0.039"), 1.2mm / 18 SWG (0.047"), 1.5mm / 16 SWG (0.059"), 2.0mm / 14 SWG (0.079"), 2.5mm / 12 SWG (0.098"), 3.0mm / 10 SWG (0.120"), 4.0mm / 8 SWG (0.157"), 5.0mm / 5 SWG (0.197"), 6.0mm / 2 SWG (0.236")


100mm x 100mm – approx 4" x 4", 150mm x 150mm – approx 6" x 6", 200mm x 200mm – approx 8" x 8", 250mm x 250mm – approx 10" x 10", 300mm x 300mm – approx 12" x 12", 500mm x 500mm – approx 20" x 20", 750mm x 750mm – approx 30" x 30", 1000mm x 1000mm – approx 40" x 40", 1250mm x 1000mm – approx 50" x 40", 1250mm x 1250mm – approx 50" x 50", 1500mm x 1250mm – approx 60" x 50", 1500mm x 1000mm – approx 60" x 40", 2000mm x 1000mm – approx 80" x 40", 2500mm x 1250mm – approx 100" x 50", 3000mm x 1500mm – approx 120" x 60", 3000mm x 1250mm – approx 120" x 50"


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