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4mm Corten Steel Sheet

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    Corten steel sheet (also known as weathering steel) is instantly identifiable thanks to its rich, bright orange tones. Originally developed for building coal carriages in 1930s America, it is now one of the most stylish and durable metals on the market. Corten steel plate might look like it’s rusty, but thanks to clever manipulation in its processing, the outer oxidisation actually protects the steel from further corrosion, as well as making it look very good indeed.

    The picture shows our natural/raw Corten sheet when first purchased and typically what it looks like after the weathering process, which takes between 3 months – 2 years after exposure to the elements.

    If you are looking for weathered corten, check out

    Additional Information

    View our main Corten Steel Sheet page for all sheet thickness options.

    The grey metal pictured shows our natural/raw Corten sheet when first purchased, whilst the orange-coloured metal shows how it typically looks like after the weathering process, which takes between 3-10 months of exposure to the elements.

    If you want your Corten ready-weathered, check out our pre-weathered Corten steel.

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    1.5mm / 16SWG (0.059“), 2.0mm / 14 SWG (0.079“), 2.5mm / 14 SWG (0.098“), 3.0mm / 10 SWG (0.120“), 4.0mm / 8 SWG (0.160“), 5.0mm / 6 SWG (0.212“), 6.0mm / 4 SWG (0.236“)


    400mm x 200mm – approx 16" x 8", 500mm x 500mm – approx 20" x 20", 600mm x 300mm – approx 24" x 12", 750mm x 750mm – approx 30" x 30", 900mm x 600mm – approx 36" x 24", 1000mm x 1000mm – approx 40" x 40", 1250mm x 1250mm – approx 50" x 50", 1250mm x 1000mm – approx 50" x 40", 1500mm x 1000mm – approx 60" x 40", 2000mm x 1000mm – approx 80" x 40", 2000mm x 1250mm – approx 80" x 50", 2500mm x 1250mm – approx 100" x 50"


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