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6mm Mild Steel Sheet

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6mm mild steel sheet is a popular material that is used across industries such as construction, engineering and a whole lot more. It’s a thicker grade of steel, ideal where strength and structural rigidity are important.

Our 6mm mild steel is thick enough to cope with most uses while still being flexible enough to be bent, cut, welded or moulded into shape.

Order quality 6mm mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online today for great prices and fast delivery!

Why use 6mm mild steel sheet?

Mild steel is one of the most popular materials in the world, used in everything from cars to cruise liners. It’s strong but flexible, malleable but dependable, and can cope with a wide variety of environments.

There are many benefits of using mild steel sheets, but some of the most important properties of this material include:

  • Flexible: Mild steel is a very flexible material that can be cut, welded, moulded, folded, rolled and shaped.
  • Strong: 6mm mild steel is thick enough for more demanding tasks including structural supports, roof supports, heavy-duty building work and repairs.
  • Affordable: Mild steel is abundant and relatively easy to manufacture to a high quality. That’s reflected in the price.
  • Plentiful: As it’s easy to manufacture, mild steel sheets are plentiful so you can buy with confidence knowing there will be enough to finish the project.

Popular uses for 6mm mild steel sheets

Our 6mm mild steel sheet, like most mild steel, is popular because of its flexibility and dependability.

If you’re building, making, creating or sculpting using mild steel, you want to use material you can depend on. That’s why 6mm mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online are just what you need!

Common uses for 6mm mild steel sheet include:

  • Construction: Mild steel is used extensively in construction, from structures to decoration, architecture to reinforcement.
  • Engineering: 6mm mild steel sheets are used in shipbuilding, manufacturing, civil engineering, car manufacturing and anywhere strength and flexibility are required.
  • Manufacturing: Mild steel sheets are used for ducting, pipework and heavier manufacturing requirements.

Since 6mm mild steel is such a flexible material, it can be used almost anywhere you can think of and many you couldn’t!

6mm mild steel sheet from Buy Metal Online

Order your 6mm mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online and we can cut them to size as per your requirements – for no extra charge – and dispatch fast!

Sheets are available from 100mm up to 2500mm square. Custom sheets can be manufactured to your exact specifications if required. Simply add your cutting instructions when placing your order on our website, or contact us to discuss your project.

Why choose Buy Metal Online for your 6mm mild steel sheet? We offer a best price guarantee so if you find the same product at the same quality elsewhere, we’ll beat it by 5%!

Order today and get free delivery on all orders over £100.

View our main Mild Steel Sheets page for more sheet thickness options.

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