Aged Copper Sheets

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Aged Copper Sheets

Our aged Copper sheets create a stunning look for any living space. Our gloss lacquered products are ideal when used for decorative and design purposes and every order is handcrafted for a bespoke design. We run every sheet through an oxidization process which causes the copper to develop multiple patina tones such as turquoise greens and deep copper colours that can be highlighted by surrounding lighting.

For any enquiries and for more information on all of our aged Copper sheet prices and sizes please contact Josh on 07703 567916 or or for price.

If you’re looking for brass sheet, check out our Aged Brass Sheet page.

Important Notes

After accelerating the natural ageing and antiquing process of our copper sheets we typically finish our work using a gloss lacquer.

Not only does this create a brilliant finish but it prevents further ageing of the metal therefore preserving the look and design created.

Should the lacquer come off through cleaning, washing, excess heat etc the patina will change and continue to develop. As ‘live’ metals, direct contact with acidic liquids like vinegar, sauce, and fruit juices, will accelerate this reaction and the look of the product will change.

Our gloss lacquered products are ideal when used for decorative and design purposes.

In working environments – where contact, usage, and cleaning requirements are high – there is a probability that the gloss lacquer applied will wear off and the product will continue to change from its original look.

As such our lacquered products may not be suitable for splashbacks that are exposed to high temperatures and/or steam.

Should you require an aged copper product for a heavy usage purpose please contact our team to discuss the best options for you.

Caring for your aged copper

Cleaning: On lacquered finished products use warm soapy water only with microfibre cloths. Do not use acidic or alkaline based products.

Heat: Always use mats when setting down hot plates and cups.

Spills: Clean up all spills immediately with warm and soapy water. Acidic or Akaline spills may affect the patina.

Ferrous metals: some of these can cause a reaction on copper. Please avoid direct contact with items such as some candle sticks and cast iron pans etc.

* Note on Lacquered products

Lacquer is essentially a coating of paint and should be treated and cleaned as such. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning items as this with wear away the lacquer and chase the metal to continue to age and change.

For heavy use products such as bar and table tops, always:

  • 1. Clean gently with warm and soapy water
  • 2. Use heat mats when required
  • 3. Avoid scratching
  • 4. Clean spills immediately
  • 5. Re-lacquer if required
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