Aged Copper Splashback

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Aged Copper Splashback

Make a design statement while keeping it practical with high quality aged copper splashbacks.

Aged copper splashbacks use modern materials and ageing technology to create a heritage look in any room. Designed to provide a practical wall covering in kitchens and bathrooms, these splashbacks have to be seen to be believed.

For any enquiries and for more information on all of our aged Copper sheet prices and sizes please contact Josh on 07703 567916 or or for price.

Copper splashback with patina

Few materials can look as good as an aged copper splashback while also delivering the practicality you need. They offer a warmth and character few other metals provide alongside ease of use, low maintenance and natural antimicrobial properties.

The many benefits of aged copper splashbacks include:

  • Aged patina that few other materials can provide
  • Popular in modern, heritage and industrial design
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to cut sockets and other utilities
  • Very straightforward to clean and maintain

Aged copper splashbacks are available in any size required. Contact us to get exactly the size you need. These aged copper splashbacks are designed for domestic use. Contact Buy Metal Online for expert advice on using copper in commercial settings.

Aged copper

Copper is an excellent material for decorative use. It looks amazing, offers multidimensional warm hues and real character to a room. 

After accelerating the ageing process of these copper sheets we seal each one with a gloss lacquer. This creates a brilliant finish and prevents further ageing of the sheet.

Caring for your aged copper splashback

One of the benefits of aged copper splashbacks is its ease of use. Once installed, surfaces require minimal care to maintain its appearance. Use a mild soap or washing up liquid to keep it clean and remove stains. That’s all this lovely metal requires.

No need for bleaches or harsh cleaners.

Order your aged copper splashbacks today from Buy Metal Online. We can cut to any size and deliver to your door!

* Note on Lacquered products

Lacquer is essentially a coating of paint and should be treated and cleaned as such. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning items as this with wear away the lacquer and chase the metal to continue to age and change.

For heavy use products such as bar and table tops, always:

  • 1. Clean gently with warm and soapy water
  • 2. Use heat mats when required
  • 3. Avoid scratching
  • 4. Clean spills immediately
  • 5. Re-lacquer if required
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