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Black Barrier | Polystone Planter

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This planter is ideal for forming a contemporary wall of privacy in your garden or other outdoor space. Many homes, for one reason or another, find their outdoor spaces exposed to the public. This may be due to nosy neighbours, low fences or no fences at all – in the case of driveways. While some people may be perfectly happy with this, if it is your intention to create a tranquil habitat for yourself, in which you can easily relax, unwind or entertain, then utilising barrier/divider planters is an effective solution.

As suggested by their name, these planters are tall, long and relatively thin. This makes them ideal for forming a sort of low wall. While a low wall on it’s own will not be enough to ensure your privacy, these planters are ideal for planting tall, screening plants like bamboo. Furthermore, while some neighbours might take offense to having a wall or fence put up – a bamboo screen is an effective and polite way of protecting the privacy of your outdoor space. These are ideal alongside a low wall or fence, and they provide additional organic height.

These planters are made of black polystone, making them fairly weather resistant. They are not smooth, rather they have a rough surface, emulating the texture of natural rock. While it may be ok for some to move to the country, many of us do not have the freedom to do so. More and more people every year are living in urban centres and it becomes easy to feel like we are constantly surrounded by concrete and stone. To that end, the real advantage of using these planters over more traditional barriers, like walls and fences, is that they are a far more natural solution. The colour is neutral and the texture is natural, providing the perfect foundation to a green wall. Living in an urban area doesn’t mean outside of a natural one.

In terms of the longevity of these planters, they are made from polystone which is a happy compromise between fibreglass and stone. Made from fibreglass resin and stone powder, this material has some of the organic content of stone, at a fraction of the weight. The nature of this material makes them frost resistant – and because they are textured to imitate stone, any weathering that may ensue will only enhance the aesthetic.


80 x 33 x 70cm, 100 x 30 x 100cm


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