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HomeGardenBlack PlantersBlack Tall Flared Square | Terrazzo Planter
HomeGardenBlack PlantersBlack Tall Flared Square | Terrazzo Planter

Black Tall Flared Square | Terrazzo Planter

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These planters make a bold statement that offers a tall planting option for designs and architectural planting.
Contemporary looking, these are used in restaurant, hotel, new development and domestic settings If you wish to create privacy barrier these would be ideal if planted with bamboo or tall grasses.

Whether flanking a doorway, defining a path or standing as a focal point in your garden or patio area, these Terrazzo planters are the perfect choice for a sleek contemporary look, easy to move when planted up with your favourite topiaries, shrubs or perennials, resistant to the elements.

Poly-Terrazzo planters are sleek, modern, light and extremely durable, stunning with or without plants. Made up of unsaturated resin mixed with powdered stone additives and granite chips that give a stone finish.This modern and stylish planter will complete any garden or home. Tough and durable, this all weather planter is lightweight allowing you to move it with ease.


32 x 32 x 60cm, 41 x 41 x 90cm


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