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HomeGardenCorten Nature Garden PanelsCorten Nature Garden Panels – Blossom

Corten Nature Garden Panels – Blossom



Our stunning Corten Steel Nature Garden Panels are perfect for bringing contemporary style into your garden in a simple yet highly effective way. These gorgeous Nature Garden Panels are all 110x5x180 cm in size and can be joined together using our Corten Steel Garden Panel Posts which must be purchased separately. With an enormous range of designs to choose from whether you would like a floral pattern or perhaps a tree it is easy to find the perfect piece for your outdoor area. With a rounded back edge forming a tight frame, these panels are incredibly stable. Fabricated from high-quality 2mm thick Corten Steel, these Nature Garden Panels are lightweight and durable, perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. Easily secured using the T-shaped posts which provide an invisible connection between panels and can be hidden when concreted into the ground, these stylish decorative panels are eye-catching and beautiful. Please see below for links to selected technical drawings and installation instructions.

Please note, Corten Steel Garden Panel Posts for securing the Panels are sold separately.

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Huge range of styles
  • Made From High Quality Corten Steel
  • WARNING: During The Weathering Period, Run-off Can Stain Adjacent Materials
  • Invisible fixing posts available


When your product arrives it will depending, on when it was manufactured will be the colour of freshly manufactured steel, with a dark oily coating or in a stage of patina.
As your Corten Steel planter begins to weather, the oily residue will break down.
Your product will begin to change colour, during this stage – the ‘run-off’ may stain stone or concrete surfaces that it comes into contact with.
After 9 months, some ‘run-off’ may still occur.
Corten Steel (or weathering steel) is an alloy that naturally forms a rust coating the over the first 9 months or so of it being exposed to the weather. Interestingly, due to the composition of this special alloy, this rust coating forms a protective layer that prevents further rusting. The steel underneath remains unimpaired as the outer layer continues to protect and regenerate as it exposed to water and oxygen.


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