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Corten Steel Circular Water Table



This round corten steel water table is the ideal water feature for your modern garden, patio or outdoor space. At 75cm high and available in a variety of diameters the rustic orange exterior of this circular untreated corten steel water feature is sure to look stunning against the backdrop of lush garden foliage

Key Feature

  • Self-Protecting Rust Finish Over Time
  • Weather Resistant
  • Come with a water pump and LED lights
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Made from High Quality Corten Steel
  • Dimensions are W x D x H
  • Product takes 6-9 months to fully weather from the natural steel colour
  • Warning: During the Weathering Period, Run-off Can Stain Adjacent Material
  • Warning: We recommend installation by a qualified electrician.
  • Warning: We suggest using a neutralising water supplements if your water does not have a neutral PH level. This is to make sure the weathering process is not affected and stop the residue from appearing. We suggest to check the PH Levels of your water often, to make sure this won’t affect the look and weathering process of the steel
  • Please Note: Corten products can come at any stage of weathering and we cannot guarantee what level they will be or even if all item order at the same time will all be at the same level
  • Please Note: It is not recommended to put fish or live animals in the water table as the steel reacts with the water and turns it slightly acidic over time.

1000 x 600, 1000 * 400


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