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Corten Steel Edging

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Give your garden the cutting edge with these rustic and durable corten steel edging pieces. Keep your flower beds in check or create raised herb and vegetable gardens with a variety of lengths and sizes available. With a nod to the industrial and a stylish way to create easy to maintain beds we’re sure you’ll be happy with the longevity and look of weathered corten steel edges. You might also be interested in our Shark Tooth Corten Edging.

This product does not come with fixtures and fittings. We do offer pegs that can be found on the following link

This product comes in natural form which will arrive in a silver/grey colour, it will turn the rusty orange colour when exposed to the elements.

We can cut to any length and width, please email us @ or call (0191) 2646464 for bespoke pricing.

Additional Information

Corten Steel Edging

Corten steel edging is the perfect material for creating eye-catching lawn edging in any garden. It’s rustic, yet charming, rich yet understated and offers something completely different for any type of garden, grounds, yard or terrace.

Corten steel garden edging is a unique product that elevates any garden above the norm. Forget sleepers. Forget plastic edging. Forget log rolls. Go for something different. Something architectural. Something sculptural. Something like Corten steel garden edging.

Corten steel edging can be placed in minutes, secured in position and left to develop its own colour and character.

Please note Corten edging does come in its natural form however we can offer it weathered. Please contact the sales team for more information.

Corten steel garden edging is ideal for:

  • Lawn edging
  • Borders and beds
  • Area separation
  • Borders of driveways or gravel areas
  • Anywhere you want to add colour and character

See above for the length and size of our Corten steel garden edging. If you purchase a 25 pack, you will receive 25 lengths of your chosen measurements, the 10 pack you will receive 10 lengths.


Our Corten steel edging can be installed by being welded together or bolted together by drilling holes and using plates which sit below the finished surface level. You can also weld corten pegs to the back of the steel strips to secure the edging in place. We also supply corner pieces

We do also have the capability to make corten steel edging to your specific requirement by offering bespoke lengths and heights (100mm minimum) Please contact our sales team at or call on 0191 264 6464 to discuss your requirements.

How Corten steel is made

Corten steel, often referred to as weathered steel, is made from high quality steel with a special alloy that encourages surface rust. That rust does not damage the product in any way, but instead protects it from the elements.

Corten steel comes from ‘cor’ –rosion resistance and ‘ten’ -sile strength inherent in steel.

The coating on the steel ages over time and exposure to the elements. It takes around a year to fully develop and will produce runoff when you first install it. This runoff can stain so be mindful of where you install the Corten steel edging.

Once the Corten steel has been outside for a few months, that runoff should stop and you should have a beautiful rust-coloured border.

Common uses for Corten steel

Corten steel is an innovative product often used in architecture and sculpture. Think Angel of the North and you’re on the right track. We stock a range of Corten products for the garden, including firepits, raised border boxes, stairs, storage options, tables and a range of other products.

It is also used in building, industry, landscaping and art. The aforementioned Angel of the North or the new Look II Statue in Plymouth created by Sir Antony Gormley are two examples of this material being used.

What our customers say about us:

Benefits of Corten steel

Corten steel has many benefits, including:

  • Very hard wearing
  • Weather-resistant thanks to that red layer of rust
  • Architectural and beautiful
  • Readily available
  • Comes in all shapes, sizes and configurations

Corten steel random facts

Corten steel is a special combination of steel and alloy. That alloy adds an exterior coating to the material that rusts when exposed to the elements. That rust takes a while to develop and will stop once the tiny pores in the steel become full of rust.

The end product is weather-resistant and has a much longer lifespan than bare rolled steel.



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Edging Type

Corten edging 10 pack, Corten edging 25 pack, Corten edging corner, Corten edging peg, Corten edging pegs 25 pack


1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm

Length & Width

2000mm x 100mm, 2000mm x 150mm, 2000mm x 290mm, 2500mm x 100mm, 2500mm x 150mm, 2500mm x 290mm


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