Seven Ways To Freshen Up Your Garden For Spring

corten steel garden walls

With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to give your garden some love. Feed your plants, invest in some new planters, plant vegetables, and clean out ponds – your garden will thank you for it. This checklist will help you design a garden you’ll fall in love with all over again.


1. First things first: clean up after the snow and ice have melted

Cleaning isn’t the most pleasant part of re-planning your garden or yard, but it is necessary and can make a huge difference. Get rid of all those forgotten garden toys, fallen branches, scattered sticks, the old remains of the Christmas tree, buckets, broken plant pots… Rake up dead leaves, and hoe out the weeds or remove them with herbicide treatments. If your path has become mossy, treat it now with a once-a-year product.

2. Plan ahead

The end of winter and beginning of spring is the best time to start landscaping. Many plants and trees need to be planted in the early months of the year, so make a schedule so you can purchase them at the right time. Planning means also browsing Pinterest in search of inspiration, so have a look at our  top garden plan suggestions!

Instead of letting plants grow how they please, this year keep your flowerbeds in check using corten steel edging pieces, or galvanised steel garden edging.


3. Try something new this year

Neatly trimmed grass with some wild flowers in the corners has a lovely English countryside vibe, but why not go bold this year and try something completely different? Try corten feature walls, make a statement and create an industrial feel in the garden while providing more privacy.

4. Show your plants some love

Early spring is the best time for using fertiliser: growing roots will thank you for the feed. It is also a good time to replant your indoor or container grown plants which may have outgrown their original planters. Use fresh potting mix for the old pots – it will make your plant grow more vigorously. Think about giving your plant pots an update – maybe give them a layer of paint or try out a creative DIY project (like planting small plants in cute old teapots). If you want to make a statement that will last for years, have a look at these corten plant pots.

5. Plants veggies

Many vegetables can be planted after the last frosts – try tomato, chilli, showpeas, parsley, lettuce, spinach, kale, or basil. Yummy!


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6. Check your outdoor furniture

It might still be too early for outdoor dining and barbeques on the patio, but it’s never too early to check, clean, and repair your garden furniture. Check any bolts and nuts that need tightening. Re-oil wooden pieces. Why not have a look at our functional yet stylish corten steel storage seating?


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7. Clean out or update your water features

Early spring is a great time to clean your water pond from all the leaves, dead stalks, and waste which might have blown in over the winter. Scoop out algae, and wash water features with dedicated product. Thinking about an original water feature? Check out these polished steel waterbowls, corten water table, or corten float bowl.