What is Aluminium Treadplate Used For?

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Aluminium is the second most abundant metal on earth and the most common found in the earth’s crust, which is fortunate since hundreds of industries rely upon it. Today, it takes many different forms in our world, from coke cans to being used to make a Boeing-747. As aluminium treadplate, it is typically used as flooring in industrial buildings and some vehicles. Aluminium is ideal for a greener world as it is 100% recyclable, with no loss of qualities during the process. However, there is a downside: it doesn’t occur as a metal in its natural state; it needs to be mined and then chemically refined through the Bayer process to produce the intermediate product. Before this process was discovered, aluminium was more expensive than gold and silver, which might seem hard to believe nowadays!

Aluminium Treadplate: perfect for a surface with superb grip

When looking for non-slip metal flooring, you need look no further than Aluminium Treadplate for a surface with superb grip. This metal is made by passing aluminium through two giant rollers, one which is smooth and the other which is marked with a raised pattern (usually diamonds or a distinctive 5-bar pattern).

Benefits of Aluminium Treadplate

Used for a wide range of construction and structural purposes, Aluminium Treadplate is lightweight, durable and low-maintenance, with a non-slip element that makes it perfect for walkways and ramps. It is also popular with interior designers looking to bring a modern twist to a building. Aluminium treadplate is often used as vehicle flooring and industry flooring because it’s both practical and decorative. It is also suitable for kick-plates, stairways, walkways, freezers, trench covers, and vehicle modifications. When you need a strong grip underfoot, Buy Metal Online have Aluminium Treadplate in any size, with three thicknesses available. Our Aluminium Treadplate can easily be secured to existing flooring and ideal for a wide range of uses.