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Corten Steel Wood Storage

There’s something about the combination of wood and Corten steel that makes it so appealing. Perhaps it’s the colours, perhaps it’s the character. Whatever it is, you won’t get a more attractive conversation piece than Corten wood storage!

Our Corten wood storage products can be used inside or out. In your garden, in commercial premises, in garden centres or anywhere that wants a delightful piece of decorative furniture that also serves a practical purpose.

Corten steel wood storage

Our Corten steel wood storage is available as tall units, low units or as storage benches for the garden.

Whether you want to display logs, store them ready to burn or a mixture of both, the combination of metal and wood gives off a timeless, rustic aesthetic.

Key features of Corten wood storage include:

  • The strength and durability of steel
  • Self-protecting surface rust finish
  • Weather-resistant
  • Available in many shapes, sizes and configurations
  • Strong enough to store wood without deforming

Corten wood storage offers the ultimate in practicality with the advantage of being beautiful to behold. It’s strong, weatherproof and can easily hold heavy loads of wood without requiring strengthening.

Corten steel develops a surface covering of rust that actually protects the metal underneath. This is one of the few cases where rust is a good thing!

Corten steel

Corten steel is provided partially aged with a rust covering but will continue to age over time. Typically, our Corten wood storage will continue ageing for around 6-9 months and may produce run-off if exposed to the weather.

We recommend placing it on a mat or where the run-off won’t stain surfaces. Once ageing finishes, you can safely place the wood storage anywhere you wish.

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