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Not sure which metal is best for your project? Order our samples for a sneak preview…

Order metal samples from us to help you decide on the right metal for your project, or to compare shades in your interior instead of on a screen. Whether your focus is on aesthetics, performance or both, when it comes to choosing the right material for the job,  there’s no substitute for viewing and handling metal in real life.

We also offer an exciting mystery pack that’s just perfect for art projects and touch-up jobs. Weighing a total of 10kg, your pack will include mild steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, copper and brass, in a range of sizes up to 500mm. Condition of the metals in the mystery pack may vary.

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Galvanised Steel, Cold Reduced Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel, Zintec Steel, Big Bright Spangled Galvanised Steel, Mild Steel, Steel Checker Plate, Weathered Corten Steel, Plastisol-coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten -Natural Steel Corten, Smooth Galv, Aluminimum, Copper, Brass, Corten, Lucky Metal Offcut bag *


Assorted, 0.5mm / 24 SWG (0.020“), 0.6mm / 22 SWG (0.028“), 0.7mm / 22 SWG (0.028“), 0.8mm / 20 SWG (0.035“), 0.9mm / 20 SWG (0.035“), 0.9mm / 20 SWG (0.035“) -304 Grade – Mill Finished, 1.0mm / 19 SWG (0.039“), 1.2mm / 18 SWG (0.047“), 1.5mm / 16 SWG (0.059“), 2.0mm / 14 SWG (0.079“), 2.5mm / 12 SWG (0.098“), 3.0mm / 10 SWG (0.120“), 4.0mm / 8 SWG (0.160“), 4.5mm / 8 SWG (0.177“), 5.0mm / 5 SWG (0.212“), 6.0mm / 4 SWG (0.236“)


Assorted, 100mm x 100mm – approx. 4” x 4”, 200mm x 200mm – approx 8" x 8", 400mm x 200mm – approx 16" x 8"


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