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Polystone Planters

Polystone planters are an excellent alternative to concrete, stone or steel. They make excellent planters and are robust enough to cope with everyday life.

Polystone planters from Buy Metal Online come in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Ideal for the home, work or commercial premises, these planters can help make your property look good while offering the practicality you look for.

Common uses of polystone planters

Polystone planters are used everywhere. You’ll see them in the home bordering patios or decks, bordering French doors or front doors holding topiary.

You’ll see them on balconies and in small spaces that don’t have space for full planting too.

You will also see polystone planters in pub gardens, beer gardens, hotel lobbies, outside restaurants and bistros, as pool landscaping and decorative barriers dividing areas.

How polystone is made

Polystone is a mixture of powdered stone and polyurethane resin, hence the name.

It’s a very strong but relatively light product, lending itself well to being moved easily and making it a lot more accessible than concrete or other heavy materials.

Polystone is mixed and moulded into shape before being allowed to set. Once set, it is finished and refined to make it look amazing.

Some polystone products will then be sprayed with colour or a UV and weatherproof barrier coat to preserve its good looks.

Random facts about polystone

Polystone is used in many statues around the world. It’s lighter and less brittle than concrete, yet has the longevity we look for in such a material.

You’ll also find polystone used in modelling as an alternative to plastic. Again, it’s less brittle than plastic can be and is much more robust.

Benefits of polystone planters

There are a number of benefits of using polystone planters, including:

Dense and strong – Polystone is a very dense material with great strength. It isn’t as strong as concrete or steel, but given its light weight and flexibility, it’s a great balance.

Lighter than concrete – Polystone has similar properties to concrete but is much lighter. This makes it easier to work with and means you can move planters around far easier than you can move concrete planters.

Available in a range of colours – Pigment can be added to the polystone mixture to help create a wide palette of colours, from dark to bright.

Weatherproof and hard wearing – The density and strength of polystone means it can easily cope with the British climate. Coated polystone is even more resistant.

Can be moulded into many shapes – The resin and stone powder mix is liquid until formed into shape by a mould. This enables you to create some amazing shapes with it.

Polystone planters are an excellent alternative to many traditional materials. They are strong but light, dense but easy to mould and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you want some polystone planters for your next project, contact Buy Metal Online today!

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