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Transform any room with unique aged metal sheets from our sister company, Halman Thompson. These hand-finished brass and copper sheets make stunning statement pieces, feature walls, bath cladding and so much more. They are fantastic materials used in architecture, interior design and home décor and are ideal for adding depth and character to a space.

Aged metal sheets use modern materials along with an innovative ageing process to deliver a timeless style that can fit seamlessly into any design.

Aged brass sheets

Aged brass sheets from Halman Thompson have a lovely colour and depth of character that you don’t get with any other material. No other type of wall covering gives you so much for so little!

Brass offers a mellow appearance with a timeless appeal that reminds us of days gone by while keeping us rooted firmly in the present.

Brass sheets can be cut and shaped to order. They require minimal care. That makes them ideal for residential and commercial spaces!

Aged copper sheets

Aged copper sheets have a richer colour than brass that suits a wide range of design schemes. Copper has the same level of richness and character as brass, just in a completely different way.

Copper is warmer, richer and more vibrant which will suit some spaces better than others. It also has a similar heritage feel while also being contemporary. It’s a delicate balancing act that few other materials can manage.

Aged copper sheets are easy to handle and require minimal installation and maintenance.

Aged metal sheet finishes

While our aged metal sheets are dominated by copper and brass, they are available in a range of finishes.

From natural finishes to artificially aged sheets, special finishes like Wiltshire, Cheshire and Northumberland to brushed metal finishes, it’s all going on here!

Browse aged brass and copper sheets on Halman Thompson.

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