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There is something timeless about the aged metal splashbacks from our sister company Halman Thompson. They could be equally at home in a Victorian kitchen or a contemporary one. The character, the patina and the quality defies all design trends to deliver a lovely richness we all love to see in a home.

Each uses high-quality modern materials with innovative artificial ageing techniques to deliver a range of finishes that will delight and interest in equal measure.

Benefits of aged metal splashbacks

The range of aged metal splashbacks available from Halman Thompson has a range of benefits that go far beyond aesthetics.

Aged metal splashbacks are:

  • Beautiful to behold and amazing to look at
  • Coated with lacquer to ensure they do not age further
  • Simple to fit using adhesive or fixings
  • Easy to order
  • Can be cut to any size

Check out these sheets in some recent projects:

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Aged copper splashbacks

Aged copper splashbacks offer the character and warmth of copper alongside an aged finish that adds a richness few other materials can provide.

Along with the natural benefits of this metal, the finish adds depth and character to any kitchen and can be used anywhere you like.

Aged brass splashbacks

Aged brass splashbacks provide a complete look but with real depth of character. Brass is another timeless metal and these finishes mean you get far more than a plain metal splashback.

The finish of aged brass is more subtle than aged copper but no less interesting. No two pieces are ever the same meaning your splashback will be unique!

Different aged metal finishes

There are a range of finishes available with aged metal splashbacks. From natural copper and brass to milled finishes, to speciality aged finishes like Northumberland or Wiltshire finish.

All bring the benefits of high-quality copper and brass to your home alongside a lustrous finish that provides amazing character.

Browse aged copper and brass splashbacks on Halman Thompson.