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So good, they named it loads of times! Diamond plate, mild steel chequer plate, steel tread plate – whatever you call it, this is the metal you need when slip-resistance is a must. An icon of the metal world, treadplate is a time-served favourite when it comes to safety underfoot.

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Checker plate is the product you use when longevity and grip are equally important. The raised checker pattern provides grip while remaining long-lasting and impact resistant.

Checker plate can also be known as diamond plate, chequered plate, tread plate, durbar plate, and all manner of other terms. The product is the same. Strong steel or aluminium sheets with a pattern pressed into it that provides grip underfoot.

Buy Metal Online’s range of checker plate products include:

Each product is manufactured using high-quality materials with the checker pattern imprinted onto one surface. The other side is smooth for easy fitting.

Buy checker plate sheets at any size and we can cut it to size for free. Choose the next size up from the dimensions you require and tell us what size to cut it on the order page. We’ll do the rest!

Using checker plate

Chequered plate is useful in situations where you require a strong floor or wall surface with impact resistance and grip. It is often used as industrial flooring, as kitchen floors or in catering premises, high traffic areas, shopfitting, and warehousing.

Aluminium and stainless steel checker plate are corrosion-resistant materials and are most suitable to catering applications and anywhere where hygiene is a consideration. In addition, these metals are preferred whenever the plate will be visible to the public due to their aesthetic appeal. Steel checker plate, on the other hand, is more cost-effective than aluminium and stainless steel.

Checker plate can also is used on walls, doors, ramps, vehicle flooring, workshop flooring and all manner of other uses. It’s a flexible product that can be used in a variety of ways.

How checker plate is made

There are two primary manufacturing methods for checker plate. One method is stamping the tread pattern onto rolled metal. A sheet of steel or aluminium is rolled and the pattern is stamped onto one side while the other is left smooth to allow for easy bonding.

The other method is to use metal sheet and a flash heating machine. The sheet is rolled into the machine, flash heated and the pattern pressed into the sheet. The sheet then cools again ready for cutting.

The checkered pattern is only on one side so you can bond or otherwise affix the checker plate sheet to the surface.