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Rigger Gloves


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Rigger Gloves

Hands-on safety

Rigger gloves, also known as Canadian gloves, are an essential piece of health and safety kit and one of the most popular items of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). We’ve selected ours to be ultra tough, made from thick leather with a heavy red drill backing for optimum durability. With a leather thumb, index finger and knuckle band, your hand will get protection where it needs it most. One size fits all, and the elasticated wristband ensures a snug, secure fit. With a soft, fleece lining to the palm and the fronts of the fingers, these gloves offer plenty in the way of comfort, as well as good performance. These gloves offer Category II protection, making them suitable for many construction and manufacturing settings. They’ll protect against cuts, abrasions and burns to the hands and wrists. Hands can be extremely vulnerable; keep yourself and your workforce protected with safety gloves from Buy Metal Online.

Health, Safety & Technical Information:

– Category II

(Intermediate Design for intermediate risks. Gloves are placed in this category when the risk is not classified as minimal or irreversible and gloves are subjected to independent testing)

– Conforms to EN388:2003

(This states that protective gloves against mechanical risks are required)

– Conforms to EN420: 2003+A1:2009

(Highlighting the general requirement for gloves)

Employers are required by law to ensure all workers are provided with and wear the correct and appropriate hand and arm protection to comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992. Always check with the Health and Safety Executive for up to date information on whether protective gloves are required in your workplace.

Good for:

Any setting where Category II hand protection is required, such as in: agriculture, construction, warehousing, transport and logistics, packaging, manufacturing and engineering.

How they work:

The 1.2mm thick leather on our rigger gloves is abrasion and puncture resistant, protecting hands against cuts, scrapes and other injuries. A leather thumb, index finger, wrist and knuckle band offer extra support and reinforcement where it is needed most. In short, these tough gloves offer an extra layer of protection for working hands.

Radom fact:

The idiom “throwing down the gauntlet” comes from medieval times. When a knight threw his heavy, armoured glove at the feet of an opponent, it was a terrible insult and a universally recognised signal that meant he was challenging him to a duel. These days, gauntlets are often used for handling birds of prey.

Weight 0.1 kg


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