Galvanized Steel Sheet your best choice for years (and years… and years…)

Why are galvanised steel sheets so popular in electronics industry, construction, piping and many more sectors? What are benefits of using galvanised steel? Learn about this exterior project favourite in our short guide.

Galvanised steel sheets: stronger thanks to zinc

Keeping it simple, galvanisation is a chemical process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel to prevent rusting. Thanks to the tough coating of zinc carbonate, corrosive substances cannot reach the underlying metal. Scratch on the coating? No problem – zinc still protects the underlying steel.  It’s not magic, just a bit of chemistry: zinc is the sacrificial anode. It really “sacrifices” itself to protect the metal, so the galvanised steel sheets have self-healing abilities. Galvanised steel sheets are resistant to moisture, corrosion, rust, and even mechanical scratches. That’s why they last for years.

Top: Scratch on a galvanised steel. Zinc coating protects the base steel by galvanic action.

Bottom: When painted steel is scratched, the exposed steel starts to corrode. It forms a pocket of rust which swells forming a blister. Corrosion continues.

Your car, your laptop and your drainpipe: we use galvanised steel everywhere

Rustproof attributes makes the galvanised steel the exterior projects’ favourite. Products exposed to aggressive environmental factors cannot get rusty and weak after one rain season. Rustproof galvanised steel is used in production of rods, poles, construction elements, as well as smaller items such as screws and nails. Galvanised steel sheets are perfect materials for  drainpipes,  fences, roofing and balustrades.  It is hard not to mention car and aircraft industry. You can find galvanised steel in every car, train or plane.The diversity of galvanised steel sheet (in shape, thickness of steel and coating) makes it a material to be used in the variety of industries.

Galvanised steel: the tough stuff

The protection of zinc coating makes the galvanised steel sheets resistant to rust, rain, snow, UV rays, but also very strong wind. Galvanised steel is a choice for years. Depending on the thickness of the coating and environmental conditions, galvanised steel sheets can last even 70 years!

According to the report of Amercian Galvanizers Association, in rural settings (where there is less truck exhaust), galvanised steel can easily last for 150 years without maintenance!

Here’s some benefits of galvanised steel:

  1. Galvanising provides outstanding protection of the steel for years – it is a long-lasting, reliable material. Zinc coating covers every millimetre of the steel, providing ultimate protection in transport, construction, and service.
  2. Galvanised steel sheets are easy to maintain. The zinc carbonate will never crack or shrink – it is bonded to the steel.
  3. It is cheap. Galvanising is a low-cost method of steel protection, so you can get excellent, strong and very affordable material. Check our prices here: galvanised steel sheet prices.
  4. You know what you get: galvanised steel performance is proven and predictable. You can rely on this material for years.
  5. Because zinc is a sacrificial anode, it provides automatic protection to damaged areas. This is another reason galvanised steel is so easy to maintain – you don’t need to worry about small scratches. Zinc carbonate does the job!
  6. Galvanised steel is easy to inspect with simple testing methods.
  7. Our galvanised steel sheets are easy to use. You don’t waste time for preparation or inspection, because BuyMetalOnline provides you with ready to use, high-quality material. We also offer a cutting to size service.
  8. Galvanised steel is environment-friendly. Because of lower cost maintenance (no need for painting!) and long life, galvanised steel has lower environmental burden than many other materials.
  9. It looks good! Galvanised steel has become popular also in interior design, giving the space an original, industrial feel. High street interior designers use perforated steel sheets as room dividers or as wall linings. Designers take account of both reliability, and the great look of the galvanised steel.

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