Quick Guide to Making Your Custom-Made Galvanised Steel Board

Are you a fan of making lists and keeping notes on a board to help as a friendly reminder for completing tasks? Then chances are you would love a magnetic galvanised steel board. Magnetic boards can be used in a variety of ways – either as a notice board or teaching board. Instead of buying one from the store, you can bring out the creative side in you to make a board that will fit your preferences.

Fun fact: Galvanised steel is dry erasable and magnetic! You don’t have to worry about dry erase paint or magnetic paint.

The process of creating a custom-made galvanised steel board is straightforward. All the equipment needed to bring your idea to life can be found in major DIY stores. When you order sheet metal from Buy Metal Online we cut to size, so you can make them as small or large as you like for your kitchen, home office, or any spot in the house. There’s no minimum order.

How to make an awesome magnetic galvanized steel board

Materials Needed

  • A rectangular piece of galvanised steel
  • Magnets for attaching the board to hangers (nails are needed if you want to hang the board on a wall)
  • Strong adhesive
  • A thin piece of wood that is the exact size as the galvanized steel for backing
  • Bullnose pliers or tin snips


Pick a spot to place the magnetic board: Depending on where you want the board to hang, this will play a significant role in choosing the type of backing you will attach to the steel. If you will be hanging the board on a wall, then wooden support is the perfect fit for a picture hanger. The board can be suspended from a triangle-style hanger or a sawtooth hanger.

Choose your preferred hanger: Cut a thin piece of wood that is the same size as your steel board. Then, place the hanger you chose along the top of the board and nail it shut. The nails will pass through the board, and you can snip the ends with a pliers or tin snips until they are no longer sharp. Attach the wood to the back of the steel with the help of glue and leave it to dry.

Voila! You can now hang your board on the wall or any place of your choosing. Enjoy a life of organized notes and lists to make your chores and tasks more manageable.

Tip: Dry erase markers often leave behind a trail of colour after the writing has been wiped off. With your galvanised steel board, all you have to do is clean the board with your usual spray cleaner, and you are good to go.

Looking for a ready solution? Have a look at our decorative, magnetic glass white boards. These smart, glossy glass boards make a stunning centrepiece for the meeting room, office, or a busy family kitchen.

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