Which metal splashback is best for my kitchen?

A copper splashback can totally change the look of your existing kitchen

If you’re sick of the sight of your kitchen after all that lockdown baking, you might be tempted to give it a makeover. A total refit can be a big financial outlay, though, not to mention a very disruptive job. With the swift addition of a metal splashback, you can instantly give one of the most important rooms in your house a stylish (and practical) makeover. And if you are going for a total overhaul, a splashback will make all the difference to your new kitchen’s overall aesthetic (and that all-important functionality).

Splashbacks are commonly fitted behind stoves to protect walls from oil spatters and bubbling pans, but they’re also increasingly popular behind sinks and even along entire strips of worktops. Metal splashbacks can be easily attached to the wall over existing tiles; they’re long-lasting, good-looking and really easy to clean. But what metal should you choose for your kitchen’s exciting new accessory? Here’s our expert guide:


The distinct, pinkish-orange shade of copper makes a stunning statement in any kitchen, but ties in especially well with pink and rose gold colour schemes. It’s equally at home in a sleek, contemporary, all-black kitchen, or even a space that’s minimalist and grey or white. Loved by interior designers, this beautiful metal is often used in freestanding baths or on stylish bar tops. With a sheet copper splashback, you can achieve the designer look without breaking the bank. Add matching vintage pans and jelly moulds to the wall to complement the copper, or let your new splashback do the talking all by its gorgeous self.

Brushed Copper

Love the colour of copper but less keen on a polished, shiny look? Consider a brushed copper splashback. We carefully brush our copper sheet to create a finish that’s subtly textured and more toned down. It’s sealed with crystalline wax, too, to keep it long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Decorative copper accents hung on the wall can tie together a copper splashback and the rest of the room.

Aged Copper

If you want your splashback to be truly impressive, consider using aged copper sheet, made by our sister company Halman Thompson. We take our durable copper sheet and apply a secret formula that speeds up time and ages the metal fast. The result? Swirling patterns of turquoise, green and a deep bronze shade, every panel totally unique, and all sealed in with a gloss lacquer.

aged copper splashback turquoise colouring


If you’re looking for a bold statement in your kitchen, a brass splashback is the one for you. With its golden hues, brass is a timeless metal that looks especially good against dark colours such as indigo, bottle green and charcoal. It can really effectively highlight accents, too, such as brass cupboard doorknobs, gold-coloured taps and light fittings. Brass looks especially good in vintage, country-style kitchens, but it fits in equally well with slick, modern designs.

Brushed Brass

Gold-coloured doesn’t have to mean shiny. With brushed brass, the surface gleam of the metal is expertly textured, resulting in a finish that is less glossy and gleaming, more muted and matte. As with our brushed copper, the new look is sealed in with wax to keep it looking good for years to come.

Aged Brass

Just like wine, some things get better with age, and we believe this to be the case with brass. That’s why we developed a formula to speed up the ageing process of this already-sumptuous metal to give a look that’s as luxe as it is rustic. Our aged brass sheets are a deep, mellow yellow shade with a variety of surface patinas and look like they’ve been in place for a long time. Each is made to order with a gloss lacquer to lock in the gorgeousness for many years to come.

An aged brass splashback makes a unique focal point in any kitchen

Stainless Steel

With its hygienic and low-maintenance properties, stainless steel has long been the first choice for professional and industrial kitchens. Whether used for appliances, worktops or even cutlery, this tried and trusted metal is prevalent in commercial food preparation areas. Now, you can add a stainless steel splashback to your home kitchen. Whether you’re looking to recreate an industrial aesthetic, or simply need a functional splashback to complement silver-coloured appliances and taps, this is the metal to suit you.

Stainless steel splashbacks look great in kitchens with silver-coloured appliances, sinks and taps

All of our metal splashbacks can be made to measure. Check out the full range here or email sales@buymetalonline.co.uk for friendly, personal service.