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Secondary Steel: your economic choice from a prime steel supplier

Looking for budget-friendly steel sheet? Does your project need spotlessly gleaming metal or can you handle a few scratches and scrapes? We’re proud of the high quality and great prices of our sheet metal, but we know that not every customer requires their steel to be cosmetically-perfect, and that many need a more cost-effective solution. That’s where secondary steel comes in. This is steel that doesn’t have ‘prime mill certification’, meaning it’s still functional and strong, but may have some minor aesthetic flaws. Low price doesn’t mean lower quality and there are many benefits to working with non-prime steel coils.

What is non-prime steel?

Non-prime, surplus steel, declasse, downgrades, over-rollings, secondary – these are the industry names given to materials which cannot be given mill prime certification. Non-prime steel coils still possess all the benefits of prime-certified steel, but may have some minor cosmetic imperfections. As a leading galvanized steel coil distributor, we offer a wide range of secondary steel that might just be the perfect fit for your project.

Why are some metals are classified as non-prime?

  • Excess steel inventory (overstocking, caused by a surplus in the production process).
  • Metals already cut to a faulty specification.
  • Warehouse rust ( when a product has been stored in a warehouse for a long time).
  • Products that are ‘off gauge’ (not quite the right thickness).
  • Discrepancies in the requirement specifications of orders.
  • Metal sheets which aren’t totally flat and need some processing.
  • Small scratches, split ends, notched edges.

There are many reasons why metal can be classified as non-prime. Hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, structural steel, and other steel coils can easily fall into this category due to very minor industrial defects or excess production. Secondary steel is not just “second-quality” metal. Secondary steel coils for sale are the economic choice for small industries that can’t afford and don’t need prime metals. Non-prime steel can be effectively used to provide fine quality to end-users.

Where is non-prime steel is used?

  • In every small or medium-scale industry, where budget is key.
  • In the construction industry – non-prime steel can be structurally sound despite visual defects. Even reputable projects such as the London Olympic Stadium use non-prime steel!
  • In the production of sheet metal components (e.g. electrical boxes) and hardware products (door knobs, hinges etc.)
  • In the car and bicycle industry.
  • In art and sculpture.
  • In DIY projects; to make visuals, composites, and mock-ups. If you’re are a beginner DIY enthusiast, starting with cheaper, secondary steel is a more economical way to learn from your mistakes.

Trusted secondary steel supplier

We offer a wide range of secondary steel in many different variations. Sometimes compromising can save you a considerable amount of money, so why not get in touch with us for friendly advice? Email Becca, Brooke or Sara on, or call us on 0191 264 6464 and we’ll be happy to help.