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Do you sell steel sheets?

Steel is what we do! We sell a huge range of steel sheets including galvanised steel, big bright spangled steel, cold reduced steel, hot rolled steel, hot rolled, pickled and oiled steel, rusted hot rolled steel and loads more. You can browse our website, or email to speak to our sales team for advice.

Does Galvanised steel rust?

Galvanized steel does not rust; the process of galvanising applies a protective zinc coating to the steel to protect it.

Is Steel Magnetic?

Yes, all of our mild steel sheets are magnetic. Some stainless steel is not magnetic due to the treatment process used in making it. Austenitic stainless steel is usually used industrially and is not magnetic, however ferritic stainless steel is mainly used in home appliances like fridges and is magnetic.

Do you sell magnetic boards?

We sell a variety of custom made sizes of magnetic boards. Our magnetic boards are available in steel or white finishes. For a sleeker look select our glass white effect magnetic boards that come with chrome effect fittings, pens, magnets and an eraser and are available in a huge range of colours. Contact us with your requirements.

How would you attach magnetic boards to the wall?

Hanging a magnetic board in your home or office space will usually require a drill, wall plugs and screws. The type and length of screws and plugs you use will depend on what the wall is made of.

Do you drill holes in the metal or round the corners of the sheet?

No, sorry – this isn’t a service we can offer.

Do you supply screws and fixings for the steel?

No, we don’t supply fixings, but you should be able to buy these from a local DIY store.

Can you come out to my property to measure and install?

Apologies but no, we don’t provide this service.

Do you supply weathered Corten?

We supply weathered Corten in thicknesses of 1.5mm, 2 mm and 3mm,  please see the Weathered Corten page for more information

What colour is the Corten?

Raw Corten steel is grey/silver in colour. Over a period of 3-10 months the outer coating oxidises as the metal weathers, creating the distinct orange colour it is famous for.

How do you install Corten Edging?

Our Corten edging doesn’t come with any fixings or fittings, but our Shark Tooth edging has spikes on the bottom (150mm long spikes in addition to the height you choose) Most customers weld or bolt the Corten edging strips together, however this is personal preference. We would advise talking to a local DIY store or landscaper for more information on how to install in your garden.

Will the steel I buy rust and the colour run?

This all depends on what steel you buy, please contact the sales team to discuss further.

How do you deliver parcels?

We use a variety of couriers to deliver orders depending on their size and weight. We aim to deliver all products within 3-5 working days and will email you to confirm dispatch of your order. Please note, garden items can take longer than flat sheet metal, usually 6-10 weeks. Please check with for stock availability.

What are the delivery charges?

Parcels under 250mm in length and under 1kg in weight are charged at £3.99 delivery, and are usually sent via Royal Mail. Express parcels of this size can be sent for £10.00. Those parcels that are between 1 and 30 kg are charged at £11.99 delivery.

Any orders over 30kg, or 2500mm x 1250mm in length and over will need to be shipped by pallet and incur a delivery charge of £106.80 – £164.00

We also offer FREE delivery on all orders over £100 (excluding VAT), shipping to England and Wales, and FREE delivery on all orders over £150 (excluding VAT) shipping to Central Scotland and the Highlands. We apologise that we cannot offer free delivery to any other areas.

My order is on a pallet, do I need offloading facilities? 

If your order does arrive on a pallet, offloading facilities will be needed. Please let our sales team know if you require a tail lift with your delivery.

What is the smallest size you can cut to?

We can custom cut to almost any size that you need, but due to health and safety restrictions, the smallest size we are able to cut to is 100mm x 100mm.

Where do I input my cutting instructions?

Once you have chosen the type of steel you need, select the master sheet in the size closest to the size you require. Once this has been selected there is a box below for you to enter your cutting instructions

What is the largest sheet you provide?

Most of our steel is available in sheets up to 2500mm x 1250mm, but we do also supply 3000mm by 1500mm; ask for a bespoke quote by emailing

How long does Corten take to rust?

It takes 3 months – 2 years for the steel to fully rust and it will then self seal

What is the life span of the steel?

Each metal has a different life span, and the surroundings and environment will have an effect on this. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Do you deliver to the whole of the UK?

Yes, we are able to deliver to most UK postcodes. Some restrictions apply for larger items that have to be delivered by pallet. If you have any questions about our products or delivery, please email

What is an offcut?

An offcut is the metal left over from a master sheet, once it has been cut down to your requested measurements.

How do I get my offcuts?

When you order from us you can specify if you want us to send you the offcuts too.

Do you offer a powder coating service?

There is a minimum order of one tonne on our pre-powder-coated mild steel; contact us for more information.

What is the best steel to use in my kitchen?

We would recommend using Stainless Steel or Copper in your kitchen, but if you have further questions then please contact our sales team at

Can you cut out plug sockets or shapes within the steel?

No, sorry but we’re not able to offer this service.

Do you supply to the public or just business?

We supply everyone from hobbyists and avid DIYers to businesses with larger orders. If you can’t see what you need on our website please get in touch with our sales team at

Do you deliver?

Of course, we offer delivery on your order no matter how big or small. Larger orders will be delivered by pallet. If you are local to us in Newcastle upon Tyne you are welcome to arrange collection of your order if that is more convenient for you.

Delivery Time Frame

Delivery timescales are provided as an estimate in good faith, but can not be taken as precise or exact information. We advise against booking any installers or engaging in preparation work until  you receive and inspect your order. Please note, garden items can sometimes take up to 10 weeks to be made and delivered.