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Bright Galvanised Steel Sheet

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The process of galvanisation involves steel sheet being treated to an extra-hot bath of molten zinc. This causes a chemical reaction which leaves the metal with an ultra-hardy coating of zinc carbonate that’s brilliant at beating the elements. The speed at which the steel is cooled down after its very hot bath, the alloys involved and the purity of the zinc used all affect the size and appearance of the crystallites (the snowflake, star effect or spangle) on the steel’s surface. When the zinc is cooled to below its melting point, its previously randomly-scattered atoms form a very structured arrangement, giving it the six point star we know and love.

Additional Information

What is  Bright Galvanised Steel Sheet?

Robust, reliable and rust-resistant, our bright galvanised steel sheet is just the job when weather-proofing is a must. With its tough coating of zinc carbonate, it’s designed to withstand the most extreme of the elements and last for a very long time. From walls to washing machines, the scope for our best-selling metal is endless. We know that everyone’s need for galvanised steel plate is different, which is why we’re happy to cut yours down to the exact size you need. This free service ensures you have exactly what you need for your project, with absolutely nothing going to waste. Plus, there’s no minimum order, meaning no job’s too small.

Good for: Car parts, roofs, inner and outer wall sheeting, sheds, construction parts, buckets, planters, wheelbarrows, drainpipes, tubes, sections, machine-building, domestic appliances, electrical goods, agricultural machinery and many more. Galvanised steel’s properties make it tough enough for most exterior projects.

Painting: Galvanised steel looks great when it’s coated in colour, but always use specialist primer and paint.

How it’s made: Galvanised sheet steel is made when sheet steel is passed through a bath of red-hot, molten zinc. When oxygen reacts with pure zinc, zinc oxide is formed. Zinc oxide reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate. It might be dull and grey, but what it lacks in lustre, zinc carbonate more than makes up for in performance. Like an excellent outdoor jacket, zinc carbonate is what protects the steel within from the weather, and the reason why galvanised steel sheets are a proven favourite in the great outdoors. Galvanised steel used to be easily recognisable by its trademark star or spangle pattern, formed on the metal’s surface during the treatment process. As smoother surfaces became more popular, spangles shrunk and, in the case of our steel sheet, they are not visible to the naked eye. Our Bright Galv is very shiny


  • Resistant to rust
  • Versatile
  • Tough coating
  • Great for outdoor projects

Random fact:

The process of galvanisation is named after Luigi Galvani, the Italian chemist who discovered electromagnetism in 1781 during an experiment on frogs’ legs.

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0.7mm / 22 SWG (0.028“), 0.9mm / 20 SWG (0.035“), 1.2mm / 18 SWG (0.047“), 2.0mm / 14 SWG (0.079“)


100mm x 100mm – approx. 4” x 4”, 150mm x 150mm – approx. 6” x 6”, 200mm x 200mm – approx. 8” x 8”, 250mm x 250mm – approx. 10” x 10”, 300mm x 300mm – approx. 12” x 12”, 500mm x 500mm – approx. 20” x 20”, 750mm x 750mm – approx. 30” x 30”, 1000mm x 1000mm – approx. 40” x 40”, 1250mm x 1000mm – approx. 50” x 40”, 1250mm x 1250mm – approx. 50” x 50”, 1500mm x 1000mm – approx. 60” x 40”, 1500mm x 1250mm – approx. 60” x 50”, 2000mm x 1000mm – approx. 80” x 40”, 2000mm x 1250mm – approx. 80” x 50”, 2500mm x 1250mm – approx. 100” x 50”


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